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Should I order Trifecta meal delivery during COVID-19?

Getting meals from Trifecta offers several advantages over shopping in a grocery store during the current health crisis. 

First, the facilities that prepare our food follow strict food safety practices -- including the use of gloves, hand washing and disinfecting protocols, clean rooms, and a USDA-inspected meat-cutting room -- that are specifically designed to help keep our food safe from foodborne pathogens as well as contamination from human-borne diseases. 

Second, we ship meals directly to you so you don’t need to visit a grocery store and unnecessarily expose yourself to potentially infected persons who may work and shop there. All packages in a grocery store may be touched and handled by countless persons. Our meals, on the other hand, are packaged in a sanitary facility and sent by courier directly to your home in two days. This limits exposure to human contact much more than purchasing food in a grocery store. Trifecta is by far one of your safest options for food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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