How do I skip a Trifecta delivery?

You can skip weeks anytime; we purchase all of our ingredients on Saturdays so we ask that you update your account by the Friday prior to your next delivery!

  • Go to My Account Page
  • On the left-hand side, click "Subscriptions"
  • Click on "View" your current Subscription
  • Select "Skip Weeks"
  • Select from the upcoming 4 weeks delivery dates to skip
  • Skipped weeks will turn black and the SKIP button will change to UNSKIP.

If you have downloaded the Trifecta App you can modify your your account in a similar fashion. 

  • Open the App 
  • Tap the "shopping cart" icon 
  • Tap the "shopping cart" one more time
  • On the top right tap the orange "Skip" icon 

Just as the website, you will be able to skip up to four weeks and go back and UNSKIP weeks. 

To automatically have your delivery come every other week or once a month, please contact Customer Success:


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