How do I cancel my Trifecta account?

First off, we're sorry to see you go!

We also understand that sometimes life happens and you need to cancel your Trifecta deliveries. Because we plan our meals in advance, we ask that you give us 7 days advanced notice for turning off an account. The reason for this is simple. In order to get you the food by your delivery date, we have to prepare menu's each week, buy ingredients, cook the various meals (often with your unique specifications), and then of course package and ship the meals to you anywhere in the country.

If you were to call us on Thursday to cancel that week's delivery, we have already gone through all the steps to prepare and ship you the food, and FedEx or GLS already has your package. Since it is a perishable item, we cannot just accept a return like Amazon or another hard goods e-commerce company. Our vacuum-sealed meals are completely safe to freeze so for cases in which last-minute plans cause you to miss a delivery window, a neighbor, friend or relative can pick up your box and safely store your meals until you return!

There’s no need to turn off an account if you need to skip a delivery; just give us 7 days’ notice to skip, or skip using the My Account section. You can pause up to 4 weeks between deliveries.

To turn off your account, give us a call: (530) 564-8388, shoot us an email: or chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. We can often remedy any problem you have, including preferences, changes in food types (we make every type of diet), or shipping issues. You're buying food anyways, you might as well buy food that leads to great health!  We need 7 days lead time to cancel the account without another order being processed.

Thank you!
-Team Trifecta

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