Is Trifecta environmentally friendly?

Yes!  One of the biggest Impacts we have is reducing food waste. The USDA estimates that up to 30-40% of the US food supply is wasted at both the consumer and retail levels. With ready-made meals that can be frozen, we’re reducing the incidence of forgotten food in the fridge and pantry.

We've also cut out steps in the distribution chain. When you buy your food in a grocery store, a packer buys ingredients from a farmer, processes it, packages it, and sells it to a distributor. The distributor then sells it to a retail store where you buy it. This requires a lot of packing and unpacking of ingredients, as well as fuel costs. With Trifecta, we buy direct from the farmer, prepare and package it, and then ship the food out to you!

Furthermore, since the food comes right to your door, you don’t need to drive to a retail store. So, this model further cuts back on “food miles.”

We also aim to source organic, locally, and sustainably as seasons and availability permit. 

As for packaging, we have worked extremely hard to provide our customers with green packaging and continue looking for new technology and strategies to reduce our environmental impact. The ClimaCell® panels in your delivery are not only curbside recyclable but also biodegradable.

Our approach is to allow more people to be able to experience the power of consistently eating well, while treading as lightly on the environment as possible.

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