Why can't I skip my Trifecta delivery?

There's a few scenarios where you wouldn't be able to see the "skip weeks" button on your Account Page:

1) It might be past our 7 day cutoff. We ask that you give us 7 days notice to skip weeks to ensure that we produce the right amount of food and nothing goes to waste. We purchase all of the ingredients over the weekend and print labels for all of our packages. Then on Monday we've already started to cook all of the different meals (we make over 75 different meal types every week). Then we begin shipping midweek. As you can imagine, it's not possible to stop mid-production of the thousands of meals we ship every week. We appreciate you sticking to our skip cutoff the Friday prior to delivery. Once a payment processes on Saturday morning, the order is locked and any changes/updates will apply to the following week.

2) Is your account setup for non-weekly deliveries like every other week or once a month? Then you currently won't see the "skip weeks" feature on your account page. We're currently working on a solution so just let us know if you'd like to skip weeks at info@trifectanutrition.com.

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