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APRIL 2017

Sacramento Kings startup contest has a winner, and it involves food

Trifecta Inc., an organic meal delivery service based in West Sacramento, won the Sacramento Kings Capitalize contest for startups.

Trifecta was among the four regional startup companies that competed in the finals of the contest, which gives its winner $10,000 and an opportunity to pitch their idea to angel investors.

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Cooking up a startup: Insights into the people who shape Sacramento’s business landscape

"The Connollys deliver cooked, 100 percent organic meals to their customers’ doorsteps. They launched in August 2015, and without any advertising, shipped 2,360 meals. By May of this year, their company was delivering 310,000 meals per month.

“The idea behind the company is to completely reimagine how people eat,” Greg said. “All of us … struggle with eating healthy every day."

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Who is Trifecta? 

Good Day Sacramento's Bethany visits Trifecta, a family run meal delivery company, based right out of Sacramento. Meet the founders Elizabeth and Greg Connolly and the rest of the team!

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The Easiest Way to Eat Healthy (Especially When You Don't Have Time to Cook)

Three things I know: You're busy. I'm busy. And it takes a lot of time to prepare and cook healthy meals.

And that's a real problem, because studies show a perceived lack of time is the most frequently reported barrier to healthy eating. After all, most people already know what they should eat--they just don't have the time (or think they don't have the time, which amounts to the same thing).

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Trifecta Nutrition Review – Good for Paleo Eaters and Athletes?

All of Trifecta’s foods are organic and GMO free, which make them viable options for busy individuals aiming to consume natural foods. We tested their food in taste, appearance, nutrition, convenience, customizability, and price.

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The ultimate resource and community for the Paleo diet & Paleolithic lifestyle: Recipes, tips, tricks & more!

An intimate look at Paleo meals by mail- The Paleohacks Blog

When the Trifecta package arrived, there was a week's worth of frozen meals in an airtight, refrigerated box. Every meal was different, which was a relief.

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With almost 20 years in the health and fitness industry, starting with his first job at a local gym when he was 15 years old, Greg has seen many diets, fads, and exercise systems come and go. With all of those years in the industry, he has seen one thing above all determine someone’s body type—how they eat. With that in mind, he partnered up with his sister Elizabeth Connolly to launch Trifecta.

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