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how it works

You live a busy life. Eating healthy day in and day out is extremely difficult. Instead of grocery shopping, cooking, or spending hundreds eating out, try Trifecta. We buy the highest quality organic ingredients available, our chefs cook them to perfection, and we deliver them directly to your door.

just what you need

Professional Chefs

Professional Chefs

Our professional chefs come from top restaurants and our gourmet meals are made from scratch with a constantly rotating menu.

To Your Door

To Your Door

Our food is delivered express via FedEx on Fridays in a refrigerated box so it stays fresh even if you’re not home. We offer free delivery nationwide.

Achieve Your Goals

achieve your goals

Diet is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Leave the planning, shopping, and cooking to us, so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals.


Why Trifecta?

Let's face it-

We’re all busier than ever. For many of us, between kids, work, working out, and spending time with family and friends, there is no time left in the week to grocery shop, cook and clean – so we eat out a lot, and gain weight because of it. Trifecta eliminates shopping, cooking and cleaning by delivering fully cooked meals directly to customer’s doors in all 50 states. Our food is the highest quality in the industry and is 100% USDA Organic, Gluten, Dairy and Soy-Free, never frozen, and Wild Caught / Grass Fed.

Get your Sunday back and save some money* in the process! (*Using our A La Carte option you can build your own meals for $4-$7 per meal)




Imagine making one change that could transform your entire lifestyle. It all starts with our all-natural, fresh meals delivered to your door.




Traditionally, a packer buys ingredients from a farmer, processes it, packages it and sells it to a distributor. The distributor then sells it to a retail store where the end consumer buys it. With Trifecta, we buy direct from the farmer, prepare and package it, and then pass it on to end consumer. You’ll see we cut two steps out of the chain! Furthermore, since the food comes right to your door, you don’t need to drive to a retail store.

So, this model further cuts back on “food miles.” As for packaging, it’s comparable to what you would get when ingredients are bought at a retail store, plus it’s recyclable. Our plan is to allow more people to be able to experience the power of consistently eating well, while treading as lightly on the environment as possible.