How many Trifecta meals should I order?

1 meal
 Per Day – You cook a lot! You already have most of your meals planned out but you need a few to supplement your diet. You're already at or close to your goal weight.


2 meals Per Day – You want to be responsible for a meal a day. You trust yourself to do a good amount of healthy cooking and also want some quick and easy meals throughout the week. You need some considerable help getting to your goal weight.

3 meals Per Day (Recommended) – You are busy and don’t want to cook any of your own meals. You want to eat right with no room for error on your part and are ready for a serious commitment.

4 meals Per Day – You have no time to cook and want to get most if not all of your calories from Trifecta.

If you'd like full macro control, A La Carte or Classics may be a better fit than a meal plan.

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