When does Trifecta deliver?

We always strive to get you your delivery on Friday between 8AM-8PM, or Saturday at the latest. We're seeing occasional delays due to the unprecedented increase in volume that FedEx and GSO are experiencing. We are working diligently to ensure on-time deliveries and will always send email updates if your order is delayed. We pack the meals with plenty of ice packs to ensure they'll arrive fresh.

You'll receive your tracking info via email between Thursday-Saturday. When you receive your package, you'll want to put it in the refrigerator where it'll last 10 days (recommended) or the freezer where it will last 3 months.

When will I get my first delivery?

The cutoff date to place an order, make changes or skip weeks is the Friday prior to your next expected delivery date. 

When you place your order, you'll be set to auto-renew weekly. You can also update it to every other week, every third week, or once a month by emailing info@trifectanutrition.com.

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