Is Trifecta packaging recyclable?

The plastics are all 100% recyclable – just rinse the trays off. The casing can go with the recyclables for the ice packs once you drain the biodegradable fluid. The Panel Insulation is curbside recyclable and biodegradable as well! Here’s what to do with our current packaging: 

What do I do with the cardboard box? Our boxes are made with recyclable materials, so the best way to dispose of them is either reuse, recycle, or compost. Composting takes approximately 2 months and can be accelerated by getting the cardboard wet.

What do I do with the plastic trays? Our plastic trays are food-grade plastic and are 100% recyclable. Make sure to rinse them out first.

What do I do with the TemperPack panels? We have worked extremely hard to provide green packaging to our customers. The ClimaCell® panels in your delivery are curbside recyclable.

ClimaCell® panels are made with paper and plant-based components to help reduce waste and help the environment. To dispose, simply place your panels in your paper or cardboard recycling bin.

What is in Trifecta ice packs? These contain food-safe, nitrogen-based ingredients that can be used as plant food, or just thrown in the freezer to reuse. Alternatively, you can drain them and recycle the outer plastic case.  It is recommended that you drain them down a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal and the hot water on high.  

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