How does Trifecta Meal Prep work?

Choose from ready-to-eat meats, veggies, and carbs to assemble meals for half the price of the chef's choice meal plans. Trifecta Meal Prep is great for macro counters and meal preppers as you can portion however you'd like.  It also works well for families, as there are 4-8 servings per container and can be served differently depending on each child's preferences.
Depending on the items you choose, meals can be as low as $11 / meal. The minimum per delivery is $119 - about 10 meals. Since the food will last 7 days in the fridge, if you'd like less than 10 meals per week, you can contact our Customer Success team and update your account to every other week, every third week or once a month deliveries.

The proteins are pre-portioned into 4oz serving sizes and come in 1lb containers. All proteins are 90% lean or greater, baked, and seasoned to perfection. The veggies come in 4 cup containers, are steamed and lightly seasoned. All carbs come in 1lb containers and are either baked or steamed. 

Read more about what to expect from your Trifecta Meal Prep delivery.

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