How does Trifecta Meal Prep work?

Trifecta Meal Prep is the term we use for our 1 pound individually packaged, ready-to-eat proteins, veggies, and carbs perfect to assemble your own delicious meals. Our meal prep options are great for macro counters and meal preppers as you can portion your food however you'd like.
 The veggies are steamed and lightly seasoned. All carbs are either roasted or steamed. Proteins come individually vacuum sealed and are 90% lean or greater, grilled marked for flavor, sous-vide cooked, and seasoned to perfection. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.
These are the standards behind our proteins:


Here are a few definitions , to help you further understand what each claim means, and how it benefits you.

  • NAE - no antibiotics ever. Even during the egg phase. Animals will be purged from the program if antibiotics are used. This is the highest claim currently for proteins.
    • Most of Trifecta’s poultry, beef, and bison all qualify for this claim.
  • ABF - free of antibiotics in the cattle’s system during slaughter and for a period of 90+ days prior to slaughter.
    • Most of Trifecta’s seafood proteins qualify for this claim
    • Most of Trifecta’s poultry, beef, bison qualify for this claim
  • Grass Fed/100% Grass Fed: “Grass Fed” or “100% Grass Fed” claims may only be applied to meat and meat product labels derived from cattle that were only (100%) fed grass (forage) after being weaned from their mother’s milk.
    • Most of Trifecta’s beef qualifies for this claim
  • Conventional: Use of antibiotics can be used throughout the chicken's entire lifespan even until slaughter and while the chicken is still in the egg phase.
    • Trifecta’s use of conventional protein is minimal

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