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Clean Eating Recipes: A Guide & Inspiration

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Want easy and healthy recipes to clean up your diet and boost your nutrition intake? Look no further! Here our some of our favorite ways to eat clean with Trifecta a la carte

What is Clean Eating?

'Clean eating', or a clean eating diet, is a phrase/concept you have probably seen increasingly being used over the last few years.  This has been coined as an expression that refers to a wholesome way of eating focused on organic foods; meaning, a lifestyle based on eating natural foods like whole-grains, fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and heart healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds, and plant based oils. As well as limiting/eliminating the intake of processed foods that may be high in added fat, trans fat, refined grains (like white bread), added sodium, and added sugar. This term can also refer to home cooked meals, with most components made from scratch, and ingredients bought at a grocery store or at your local farmers market.

Wholesome eating is incredibly colorful, and gets to be super fun. As a chef with a culinary nutrition background, my philosophy is to spread the knowledge that flavor and nutrition go hand in hand: one shouldn't be sacrificed because of the other. Food was meant to be enjoyed! With a little fun in the kitchen, and some help from us, you can take your day to day meals to a whole new level.

What are Some Potential Health Benefits to Eating Clean?


- Sustained Energy:

The concept of eating a wholesome organic diet is in itself the same concept as fueling your car with 91 unleaded fuel. The higher the tier of gasoline quality, the better the long-term performance of the car and maintenance of the engine. Similarly, when eating an organic diet, focused on whole-wheat grains, fruits and vegetables, heart healthy fats, and lean proteins raised properly, your body will be maintained and nourished for daily peak performance, whether that is in the office, or outside in the field/court/mat as an athlete. Whole grains (like brown rice, barley, whole wheat bread, quinoa vs white rice), heart healthy fats, and fiber from fruits & veggies also provide satiety - meaning, you feel fuller for longer, and the energy released into your bloodstream is sustained for a longer period of time, thus curving energy crashes and hunger cues.

- Long-Term Health & Immune Boost

Nutrition and immunity play a direct role on the overall health care of the body. Micronutrients, meaning vitamins and minerals, are like the oil and fluids to your car. Though they are not the main parts of the car, the importance of regular maintenance of these ensures a smoother and longer life-span of a car. Eating whole-grains, fruits, and vegetables on a daily basis ensures the maintenance of your body, and of your immune system to fight oxidation, and possible diseases caused by pathogens (1).

There are some nutrients that the body can make, but there are others called 'essential micronutrients' that must be consumed through a balanced diet, since the body cannot produce them. The effectiveness of the immune system is directly correlated to adequate nutrition. In turn, by taking care of your oils and fluids, your body will be armed with all the necessary essential micronutrients to support your every body function and desired goals.

- Improved Cognitive Function

Recent emerging research has explored the effect of nutrition on brain and cognitive function. Aside from the importance of sleep, exercise to promote mental clarity, and the use of meditation for mental plasticity (new exciting studies found here on this topic), the importance of proper nutrient balance on brain function is essential for enhancing cognitive function and protecting the brain from injuries, and supports recovery (1). Nutrients like omega-3's (2, 2.1, 2.2), antioxidants (3, 3.1, 3.2), zinc (4), magnesium (5), copper (6), and iron (7), vitamin C (8), vitamin E (9), and B vitamins (10) all collaborate towards brain maintenance & mental health.

- Proper Weight Management

When we speak about clean eating in Trifecta, we refer to a well rounded wholesome way of eating from mainly organic sources, that supports your health and fitness goals. I personally suggest and preach to focus the majority of your efforts on eating this way; think of it like an 80/20 rule. 80% of the time sticking to your wholesome diet, and 20% of the time allowing for less efficient foods to be part of your eating regimen.

20% meals allow you to have a psychological break, and support you in not burning out. Whether your goals are to gain, lose or maintain weight, eating efficiently will support you in achieving your desired health goals at a consistent pace. The basis of eating clean is that you feed your body what it needs, from a macro and micronutrient base. This supports whatever weight goal you may have.  

Eat Your Way Clean: Recipe and Meal Prep Collection


Bottom line is, there are several sources from fruits and vegetables, nuts, eggs, and fatty fish you can include in your diet,  to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. We've compiled a series of easy dinner and general recipes for you to get inspiration from. Some are quick, some take a little more time. We’ve included chicken, steak, and breakfast recipes. We’ve compiled them into different food groups for your ease. We will be constantly updating and adding more to our collection! Feel free to come back and check this blog for further inspiration.


Breakfast Casserole

Casseroles provide an amazing well rounded breakfast in a very compressed way. Like some of our other clean eating recipes, this recipe is perfect to spice up your meal prep for your week. One recipe can yield a few days worth of breakfast and snacks! 

Clean Eating Recipes: Breakfast Casserole


50/50 Mashed Potato

I used to cook this recipe for the Cornell Wrestlers during their 2014-2015 season all the time. They loved it and constantly said how they could not notice the difference. Using half cauliflower and half potatoes increases the nutritional value and provides a deeper flavor. Check out the recipe to see how this works!

Clean Eating Recipes: 50/50 Mashed Cauliflower


Lettuce Wraps

Think of this recipe as a refreshing taco (it's also keto!). This recipe takes Mexican cuisine and we give it a twist for a quick clean dinner recipe. Use your favorite protein, or make it vegan by using tofu or tempeh!

Clean Eating Recipes: Lettuce Wraps


Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

When I was in culinary school at JWU, one of my chef instructors during my freshman year mentioned how the inclusion of a sauce makes or breaks a dish. In this clean dinner recipe, my chef's knowledge applies 100%. You'll love this sauce! Use this recipe as a healthy keto or paleo snack as well.

Clean Eating Recipes: Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

If you are looking for convenience, and to eat some real food, we offer pre-packaged foods that are 100% organic and ease your meal prep.  Check out our Clean Menu to see what we are offering this week!