How are the average macros calculated for Trifecta meal plans?

In order to provide the most nutritious, macro-balanced meals possible, each of our Trifecta meal plans follows specific macronutrient and ingredient standards. The macros are listed directly on the label for all meals, and the average macros for each meal plan type is listed under the "i" on each meal plan

We calculate the average meal plan macros based on the sum of all our recipe’s macronutrients for each meal plan. These are updated a few times a year as our menu changes and is improved. Although ingredients change often for freshness and seasonality, we target our recipes to keep macros consistent, and we constantly update the label on each meal to reflect accurate macronutrients. Because Trifecta offers such variety in our chef's choice meal plans, macronutrients will vary slightly from meal to meal. Typically our meals may vary up to 20% plus or minus from the average stated on our website (due to the nature of food and nutrition not being exact at all times).

Learn more about the macro differences between our meal plans here. 

If you are looking for even more precise macro tracking, try our Meal Prep or Classic meal plan with prepared ingredients you can measure to the gram. 

To see how many macros you need to reach your weight loss or fitness goals, use our free Macro Calculator. And track all your macros using the Trifecta App.

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