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Organic Ingredients Delivered

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Start burning fat effectively with our high fat, low carb Keto diet. Rich in nutrition and flavor, our most savory meal plan keeps cravings at bay and delivers satisfying organic fuel for explosive energy.

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Clean Eating
Lean meats, whole grains and minimally processed produce are the building blocks of our most popular meal plan. Made with only nutritious whole foods, no artificial ingredients required.

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For true paleo, it's got to be organic. The paleo diet is based on the available resources of our Paleolithic ancestors. Organic produce and grass-fed and sustainably-caught proteins are in. Drains, dairy and legumes are out.
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Eat ethically and stay on top of your macronutrients. Our most environmentally conscious diet, these organic vegan meals are as good for the planet as they are for your health and fitness.
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When produce is your main course, make it the best. Our organic vegetarian meals are non-GMO, gluten-free and high in protein to satisfy your principles and macros. 

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Meal Prep
Customize your nutrition plan. Choose your favorite organic proteins, grains, and vegetables to mix and match as you see fit. Or add on items to your current order!

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Always Prioritizing Organic

At Trifecta, we seek out organic ingredients whenever possible. We do it to demonstrate our values, encourage sustainability and provide the most nutritious food available, we select only the best organic ingredients for our kitchen and your table.

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Locally sourced ingredients from as close to our California kitchen as possible

  • Direct relationships with our farmers

Get pre-cooked meals with organic ingredients, vacuum sealed and delivered fresh to your door in a refrigerated box. Healthy meals on your schedule without going to the grocery store.

We offer six organic meal delivery plans spanning the most successful diets including paleo, keto, and vegan, plus a wide selection of fresh organic ingredients. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, enjoy delicious meals ready in as little as 2 minutes.

Our nutrition trained chefs make your diet delicious with seasonally inspired variety so you can focus on your goals, not what to eat.

Why Organic?

Our organic farmers are at the forefront of returning our food systems to a sustainable model that works with the environment and not against it. Preserving the quality of our topsoil and water ensures the nutrition and quality you expect from your food today exist for generations to come.

Our animal products are produced with livestock that are never fed antibiotics. Therefore, animals must be given suitable living conditions that discourage the spread of infection and disease naturally. 

The fresher the ingredient the more nutritious it is and the better it tastes. Eating organic foods that are free of shelf stabilizing preservatives ensures you're eating food harvested at its peak and delivered to you quickly.

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About Trifecta’s Organic Ingredients


Organic Ingredients

All of our meals are prepared with organic ingredients so you can trust you're getting the real thing.



To support the most naturally nutritious foods and sustainable practices all of our ingredients are non-GMO.


Whole Foods

Dial in your nutrition with minimally seasoned organic whole foods, prepared without any added oil, salt, preservatives or artificial ingredients.  Our kitchen is also 100% gluten free. 

Never Frozen

Freshly Delivered

Taste the difference with organic ingredients that are freshly delivered, before or after cooking. Meal and a la carte ingredients arrive vacuum sealed and last for 10 days in the fridge.

Wild Caught Seafood

Sustainably Caught & Grass Fed Meats

Get optimal flavor and nutrition with seafood caught in its natural environment and meat from exclusively grass-fed and finished animals with daily indoor-outdoor access to pasture.

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Humanely Raised

Feel good about your protein choices with animals raised with good nutrition in environments that encourage natural and happy behavior. Learn more at Global Animal Partnership.

Better for You and the Planet

Trifecta utilizes a 3-step supply chain compared to the traditional 5 step supply chain used by retailers. Farmers > Trifecta >Consumers vs. Farmers > Co-packers > Distributors > Retailers > Consumers. This allows us to reduce our carbon and packaging footprint by as much as 40%.

Caring about our health includes the health of the planet and we are constantly striving toward total sustainability. Currently all of our packaging is FDA certified food safe and 100% recyclable. Our goal as a company is to reach 100% biodegradability on all of our packaging by 2023.

What to Expect

Trifecta’s mission is to help get America back into shape. And we want everyone in America to have easy access to the nutrition that lets them lead their best life. We ship our food anywhere in the United States.

We're so confident that our meal delivery service is the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious available, we'll refund up to $120 of your first order. We know we're the best and we want you to know it too.

Commit to yourself, not to us. Whether bulking up or working a weight loss plan, we want to support you to reach your goals and create healthy lifelong habits.

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What Sets Us Apart


Organic Ingredients

Grass Fed

Nutrition Trained Chef

Fresh Prepared Meals

Nationwide Shipping

Community and App Support


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Shoni B

Customer service, especially Raymond, is excellent. Worked with him on finding best meal plan + ala carte combo. Still figuring out the kinks but all around quality is high. Tried Factor75 - boring, feels like they're getting lazy imo and their salmon/sweet potato is nasty. Freshly- felt like I'm eating low quality, though often tasty, food, could be in my head and its great food but none is organic and I have no clue where theyre sourcing. I like the fact that Trifecta makes a big deal out of sourcing high quality ingredients and are open about exactly where they get ingredients. Frankly its nice to feel I'm working with a company that is as neurotic about food/nutrition/environmental issues as I am :)

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Alyssa G

WOW! I cannot say enough about how good these meals are and how good I feel about eating them. This is coming from a girl who hates leftovers and reheating food. I ordered the Paleo meals and they fit my diet perfectly, the amount of food in each portion is perfect as well. I can officially say I have gotten over my aversion to reheating food and now have so much free time as I do not have to cook and clean up after every single meal. Meals are organic, healthy, and delicious. Looking forward to future deliveries!

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Estee T

Best meal delivery company I ever had. I was hesitant to order from a California company being in NJ because they ship fresh, not frozen and was concerned about the quality once it arrived. Well it comes air sealed and it works brilliantly. The quality and flavors were amazing. Every meal has so many interesting components that really make it delicious. Far from your typical companies with the same menu every week. Here it's different meals created and sent weekly, deliveries every Friday, quality organic ingredients and nutritional info on each meal. I'm hooked.