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$108.43/ week

The best prepared keto meal plan designed for nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. Period. Our science backed, chef curated recipes use only the highest quality organic produce and humanely raised keto proteins for a high fat, low carb diet made simple. Get started today!

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Trifecta Keto Meal Plan Explained

Ready to Eat Keto Meals

Our portion perfect keto meals are prepared and delivered fresh to you weekly for an effortless, delicious ketogenic diet. We take care of the hard stuff, like meal planning, shopping and cooking, so you can focus on the rest, regardless of your goal.

Low Carb

The key to a ketogenic diet is reducing carbs with the goal of getting your body into a state of ketosis - a metabolic state of supercharged fat burning efficiency. All Trifecta meals are gluten-free and have less than 9g of net carbohydrates for satisfying meals with minimum carbs.

High Fat

Our keto dishes average 35 grams of fat, focusing on healthy high-fat meats, plant-based oils, tasty nuts, and vegetables giving you loads of balanced energy and nutrition while keeping your hunger in check.

High Protein

Maintaining the right macros for your ketogenic lifestyle is essential to reaching your fitness, weight loss, and keto nutrition goals. Our high protein, macro balanced keto meals help fast track reaching your individual targets with an average of 41 grams of protein.

Our Mouthwatering Keto Menus

Enjoy fresh, tasty keto recipes every week!

Healthy diets are made to be enjoyed! Our team of nutrition experts and chefs keep things exciting with a unique menu every week using seasonal ingredients, and we work with your preferences and allergy considerations.

Keto Meal Breakfast

Keto Breakfast

Turkey Bacon Cheddar Frittata

Cage-free eggs, with turkey bacon, cheddar, and spinach for a high fat and delicious breakfast

Keto Meal Lunch

Keto Lunch

Beanless Chili Con Carne

Grass-fed beef with a mix of our favorite organic produce, topped with cheese for a meal to keep you full

Keto Meal Dinner

Keto Dinner

Grilled Salmon with Pesto

Sauteed veggies with grilled sustainable salmon on top of a layer of pesto

This is just a sample of our keto dishes. To guarantee the highest quality keto ingredients and to promote sustainability, our menu changes weekly!

Take our Keto quiz!

Is Trifecta's keto diet delivery right for you? Take our 5 minute quiz and get matched with the perfect meal plan.

Take our Keto quiz!

Is Trifecta's keto diet delivery right for you? Take our 5 minute quiz and get matched with the perfect meal plan.

Our Kitchen

Our team of professionally trained chefs specialize in culinary nutrition, delivering keto meals that are both delicious and designed for your health and lifestyle goals.







free range chickens on farm

Locally Sourced Ingredients


All of our keto ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and direct from our partners, supporting farms and workers in our community and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Food

Organic ingredients are the cornerstones of our keto meals. Reach ketosis and your weight loss goals with simple, ethical, and sustainable ingredients.

Knowing where your food came from before it reaches your door is important to us. Our ketogenic meals feature grass-fed meat and sustainably caught seafood.

The best keto proteins come from the best-raised animals. We are proud to source humanely raised meat and are committed to transparency and sustainability throughout our supply chain.

keto meal delivery keto-meal-delivery-oh-1

Our Delivery Service

Get healthy meals delivered to your door!

Keto Meal Plans Made Easy

It's keto meal prep made easy. Choose how many keto meals you'd like each week and count on them arriving at your doorstep every Friday or Saturday at the latest, in our custom refrigerated packaging. Our keto friendly meals are delivered portioned and ready to enjoy. Just heat and eat!

Freshly Delivered Keto Meals

All of our ingredients are freshly delivered for optimal quality and nutrition, including during delivery. All meals are vacuumed sealed to keep them fresh in your fridge for 6-10 days. Or you can safely freeze them for up to 3 months in your own freezer. Enjoy farm fresh flavors no matter where you live.

Free Shipping to All 50 States

Trifecta’s mission is to help get America back into shape. And we want everyone in America to have easy access to the nutrition that lets them lead their best life. We ship all our keto meal plans with 100% free delivery.

Money Back Guarantee

We know other companies offer keto meal delivery service. You have choices but there is a right choice. We're so confident that our keto meals are the freshest, healthiest and most delicious available, we'll refund up to ten meals of your first keto meal plan order (within 10 days of receipt) and you can cancel your subscription at any time. We know we're the best and we want you to know it too.

A Message on Our Packaging

Caring about our health includes the health of the planet and we are constantly striving toward total sustainability. Currently all of our packaging is FDA certified food safe and 100% recyclable. Our goal as a company is to reach 100% biodegradability on all of our packaging within the next 24 months.

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Our Community

Success comes with support. Trifecta doesnt just provide food, we provide the resources to make your healthy lifestyle count.

Keto can feel complicated and intimidating. Plates full of bacon? Really? Every Trifecta customer has free access to our team of trained nutrition coaches to answer your questions and help you to reach your goals. Just reach out via email, chat, or phone to get your keto questions answered.

Find your crew and reach your goals together when you join our community of thousands. Purchase a meal plan and get connected with fellow customers and our Trifecta team of experts on our Facebook Nutrition Group. Community members are shown to follow their plans longer, and see more consistent results by sharing information, inspiration, and support to Trifecta members across the country.

Enjoy expert knowledge at your fingertips with complementary keto e-books, keto guides, and keto-specific content designed to get the most out of your keto meal plan. See some of our most popular pieces below.

What sets us apart from other delivery companies.


Organic Ingredients

Grass Fed

Nutrition Trained Chef

Fresh Prepared Meals

Free Shipping to All 50 States

Community and App Support


Heres what our customers are saying about Trifecta.

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John C

My wife and I have used Trifecta for a number of months now. We were able to customize our preferences and not have specific things in our meals. I was able to get a lot of protein, which is exactly what I was aiming for, in a meal that was not too big. Everything is organic and super tasty. You can do keto or paleo or any of the big diet plans that are popular. It tastes much fresher than I thought and meals switch each week so you don't get repeat orders. Other meal delivery companies often repeat the same things every week and Trifecta doesn't so I was never bored with the food. Would highly recommend this to athletes if you want to get ample protein in your diet.

review icon

Christin C

Great healthy organic pre-made meals with pastured proteins delivered to your door.  I've done both the Paleo & Keto plans. Love having healthy options ready to go during a busy work week that I don't have to prep or think about.

review icon

Monica D

I was ordering fresh food delivered to my doorstep from a local company. Within about 6 months I couldn't stand the flavor of the dishes any longer and began searching for other options. I've been ordering Trifecta for well over 4 months and am fascinated by the variety in dishes, diet options, and a la carte options. I've tried the Keto diet (totally loved it!) and am now eating the Paleo options. Both are very tasty, filling, and a great way to support my nutrition needs. I've also called into customer support a couple of times either to figure out the tracking of my order or ask for help with an order. They are SOOO NICE! I mean genuinely nice and patient. So overall, I'm very pleased with Trifecta's food and service and recommend them to all foodies out there that simply need a nutritionally balanced meal, without the hassle of prepping and cooking yourself.

Still have questions?

The Keto diet is a very low carb, high-fat diet designed to transition your body to burning more fat for energy. With an absence of carbohydrates to draw on for energy (less than 5% of your diet), bodies will enter a metabolic state called  ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state that involves switching from sugars (aka carbohydrates) to fatty acids (in the form of ketones) as your main source of fuel. 

Following a calorie-controlled keto diet as part of a healthy lifestyle can aid in weight loss. 

Keto is best for anyone that enjoys a more savory, high-fat style of eating and doesn’t mind giving up traditional carb foods like bread, pasta, and sweets. 

Trifecta’s keto meal plan provides high amounts of healthy fats and lean proteins while restricting carbohydrates to provide you less than 10 grams of net carbs per meal and a perfectly portioned, nutritious dish to support your weight loss goals. 

For more information on the keto diet check out this helpful explainer. And to find out if the keto diet is right for you, take our meal plan quiz. 

The objective of keto is to force your body to rely on more fat for energy than sugar. This process of switching to fat (or ketone bodies) for fuel is called ketogenesis, and the state of being in ketogenesis is called ketosis

Learn more about what ketosis is and how to get and stay there, here.


Total carbs are the total number of carbohydrates you consume.

Net carbs are the total daily carbohydrate minus fiber intake.

When counting your carbs on keto, you should be looking at how much fiber you eat.

Fiber is a type of carb that is not easily absorbed by the body (meaning it won't affect blood sugar levels or insulin the same way sugars do). It can be subtracted when looking at controlled carbohydrate intake.

For most individuals, it is recommended to have no more than 5% of your calories come from net carbohydrates.

Determining how many carbohydrates to eat on a keto diet will depend on your body type, diet goals, and lifestyle. Figuring out your macros is the first step to limiting net carbohydrates on a keto diet.

Understand your keto macros, here.

Keto is a macro based low carb diet, meaning no foods are excluded as long as you hit your daily keto macronutrient goals. Of course certain foods can make this harder or easier. Additionally, the quality of these food choices can impact your overall health and ability to lose weight on this meal plan.

For a complete list of foods to eat and avoid on the keto diet, look here.

To see our top customer FAQs visit our FAQ page, here.

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