How Sarah Lost Weight and Learned to Love Herself

Minnesotan, Sarah Everson, is a newly fond believer in what you put into your body is a direct reflection of how you feel on the outside. Like many others, her fitness journey fluctuated at first and it wasn't until recently that she got serious about it. Read more about how she's been able to make her mental and physical health a priority and the impact healthy eating has made on her life. 

"Before Trifecta I was eating a lot of junk food, I was eating out a lot, drinking a lot and I really just took a step back and started re-evaluating that." - Sarah E, Minneapolis, MN

Meet Sarah 

Prior to Trifecta my health goals were mainly just to start moving again. I was pretty sedentary prior to starting my fitness journey. I was eating a lot of junk food, I was eating out a lot, drinking a lot and I really just took a step back and started re-evaluating that.

It was definitely an adjustment going back to a healthy lifestyle when I made that realization that I needed to do so. You get so used to eating a bunch of junk and once you stop, you feel almost deprived.

From focusing on the numbers on the scale to merely measuring  happiness

What made me get to that point (and still sometimes struggle with) is the influence of social media both negatively and positively. If you looked at my instagram feed when I first started my fitness journey, you would most likely see people I follow that fall under the "fitness model" category.

I strived to be exactly like them...slim, lean and always in the perfect lighting. This definitely made me pick up some unhealthy habits like exercise obsession and very strictly counting calories and macros.

While exercising and counting calories/macros are two good, healthy things, for me it became easy to slide down that unhealthy slope with the influence of social media. I became obsessive and would feel an extreme amount of guilt if I missed a workout or didn't eat EXACTLY my goal macros.

Fast forward to this past spring/summer (2018) and our house buying adventure was in full swing. Between showings, putting in offers, filling out paperwork, and (finally!) closing on our new home, my workouts and macros got thrown way off. I felt "off" (for lack of a better term), even though I was still healthy and in shape. But it was this life change and shift in a routine that really shifted my thinking about what healthy looked like.

As I got back into a new routine at my new gym, I worked with my therapist (shoutout to all the body-positive therapists!) and took a really hard look at who my influences were. I unfollowed all but two of them. If you were to look at my Instagram feed now, you'll see the happenings of my friends, some really cool body-positive powerlifters, and lots of food recipes. All of which still inspire me, but in the right ways. 

Finding A New Routine

Finding a new routine was my biggest challenge. Now that I’ve been in that routine for a couple of years now it's been a lot easier now. Once you get into it, it's really seamless to stick with it. I have a really great support system, so it's been really great to have the support as well as friends who are also really active. 

I try and get out and go on various bike trails. I try and use cycling as a mode of transportation, it’s a really easy way to get on the bike. I am a big cyclist, I always have been. Even living in the Midwest, where it snows and gets really cold I try and stay active even year-round. Just being active in general, I try to get outside as often as I can.

Its been great finding that healthy balance as far as flexible dieting. I’ve indulged but also stay on track and eat healthily. I even hate the word “diet,” I think it's such a negative connotation, it's hard to stay on track but it's also important to allow yourself to indulge. 

My Go-To Meal Plan

I still keep track of my macros but from a much more healthy standpoint. I have been educating myself more on that nutritional aspect to get it right this time and I'm learning to really dial in my food in relation to my training.

Trifecta has been really helpful with that because all of the nutritional facts are on the label, you know what you’re eating, you can track your macros so that’s been really great since being with Trifecta.

I have the Paleo meal plan which works well for me since I try to stay away from grains, and I also don’t do any dairy. I really love all the seafood entrees, those are the best. But I mean really, I have yet to be disappointed with an entrée.

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Wellness > Numbers on The Scale

I have more energy and can definitely can see myself getting more on the leaner side.  I didn’t have a specific number goal or weight loss goal, but I definitely try and not focus too much on weight and instead pay more attention to how I feel. Besides, being with Trifecta allows me to be on track with my macros and maintain my weight more than anything - without having to think about it too much.

"I find myself having more energy and my overall wellness has really increased which has been great."

I find myself eating out less and eating more at home, whether it’s with a meal from Trifecta or just in general. With mental health, I am a firm believer that what you put inside your body is a direct correlation with how things manifest on the outside.

Lately I find myself having more energy and my overall wellness has really increased which has been great.

Mediating Mental Health

For anyone else struggling with mental health, your surroundings and influences play a key part in your overall wellbeing. Whether it is a relationship, friendship, social media following, work environment etc, make sure you have positive surroundings and influences. And know that we are all a little different when it comes to health, what works for one person isn't the right fit for everyone - find your own version of wellness that makes you feel good. 

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