Lost belly fat and gained lean muscle

As a highly successful sales professional in the equipment rental industry, Chris faced numerous challenges with his eating choices and meal preparation. His frequent travels and involvement in high-level business meetings centered around lunches and dinners made it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Chris first discovered Trifecta a few years ago while using the RP App to track his macros.

“I was using the RP App a few years ago to try to track my macros and I saw an ad through the app and thought I’d give it a try, that was a few years ago and there is no turning back. I love this product!!”

Thanks to Trifecta, Chris achieved his short-term goals quickly.

“Within a few months my cholesterol levels had significantly improved. I started to lose mid belly fat and was feeling significantly better. I started to gain lean muscle and have continued on that path.”

He experienced a remarkable transformation, gaining lean muscle and reaching the pinnacle of his physical fitness at the age of 42.

“I am the strongest I have ever been and also the healthiest when it comes to blood work tests ect. I work out daily and I am able to lift the heaviest weights  that I have ever lifted in my whole life. My abs are rock hard and my muscles are showing for the first time in my life and I attribute all of that to Trifecta.”


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