Got shredded in 90 days

Louis is a personal protection instructor and teaches his students how to work with firearms around the country. Early on Louis trained in powerlifting but his diet wasn't necessarily his top priority. He fell into the trap that a lot of powerlifters do and was eating to maintain size but not really paying attention to his macros. Once Louis began paying attention to the details of what he was putting into his body, he was able to take his fitness to the next level.


A pivotal moment for him was the day he noticed tying his shoes had become difficult due to his size and lack of mobility. He felt that it was time to take control of his life and choices. He thought back to what he teaches his students - be prepared and ready in any situation. The longevity of his career depended on making serious changes and he wanted to prove to himself that he could take it to the next level and ultimately compete in the Tactical Games. 


Ironically enough, Louis had been partaking in a different 90 day workout challenge right before adding Trifecta into his routine.

"Before Trifecta, I believed I had reached the pinnacle of my fitness. But after undergoing the transformative 90-day program, my progress became even more astonishing."


He loves the Trifecta community and how everyone pushes him to be better everyday.

“The Trifecta Nutrition Facebook group was a great motivator because on the days when I didn’t really want to make it happen or my motivation levels weren’t that high - I could see other people being disciplined and then just kick my discipline in”. 


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Tracking his progress was crucial for several reasons. Body weight can fluctuate significantly from day to day for various reasons like water retention. These daily fluctuations can be misleading and disheartening. 


"Witnessing the day-to-day fluctuations on the scale taught me that true progress can only be gauged through a weekly average." By focusing on a weekly average, you can obtain a more accurate representation of your progress. 


Louis' success was a direct result of sustained discipline and commitment to himself; he not only attained his fitness goals but surpassed them. Louis is now a living testament to the incredible benefits of Trifecta's program, and he continues to inspire others to strive for their own fitness transformations.


“Some days were really hard, and excuses piled up. But, if you just refuse to let them stop you, you can amaze yourself!!“