Increased squat PR by 95 lbs

Chris is a driven individual with a deep passion for athletic pursuits. Alongside his commitment to fitness, he successfully manages two businesses, which requires him to navigate a demanding and fast-paced lifestyle. He also enjoys spending his free time mountain biking and snowboarding in the winter. Despite his busy schedule, Chris remains dedicated to his health and consistently strives to excel in his fitness goals.

“It's not just about prepping time, it can cut down to 4 hrs for a week of meals but then you have to deal with tupperware - a lot of time and energy, and sometimes meals might go bad…”

Oftentimes if he didn’t have his prep, his nutrition took a back seat.

“I would get hungry and just eat what was around with no time to cook, struggling to keep a great diet to enhance my training”.

Initially, Chris turned to Trifecta to gain weight for an upcoming competition, successfully reaching an impressive 255 lbs. However, after the competition ended, he desired to shed excess weight while still keeping up with his demanding training routine. By incorporating a flexible diet approach, Chris achieved a leaner physique, weighing in at 215 lbs.

“I trained to increase my powerlifting numbers in SBD and won first in my weight class at a minor league USAPL competition. I'm training for another later this year now”

To share a valuable tip with others. He believes that focusing on recovery has been a game-changer in his training routine. Within a ten-month period, his maximum squat weight increased naturally from 365 lbs to an impressive 460 lbs. Wowza!

Trifecta not only provided him with quality nutrition but also granted him the freedom to excel in other aspects of his life. With support, Chris could confidently maintain his diet while managing the demands of his businesses, ultimately paving the way for his continued success.

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