Lost 40lbs Eating Trifecta

Valerie, aged 32, shares her inspiring journey of transformation and triumph. A dedicated bodybuilder and active duty Navy professional, Valerie's story is one of resilience and determination.

“Active Duty Military life and running my own fitness business didn't leave room for much else - including meal prep”

Before discovering Trifecta, Valerie faced her fair share of challenges. Suffering from cervical and lumbar disc issues due to a powerlifting accident in 2014, coupled with the demands of her military service, her weight had increased by 40 pounds. 

“I wasn't training like a powerlifter but was still eating like one!”

With the convenience of Trifecta’s clean, high-protein meals that required no planning or prep time, Valerie found the fuel she needed to pursue her fitness dreams without compromising her commitments.

Despite enduring musculoskeletal injuries and migraines, Valerie proved that you can accomplish anything with discipline and commitment. 

“I lost all the weight and transitioned to competing in bodybuilding!”

Her favorite 'pro tip' for meal prep is rooted in careful planning and intentional choices. She advocates for balance, advocating that goals should not impede moments of celebration and family time. 

“Always have a plan! Make your goals clear…l do it intentionally and plan around it with your activity and food outside of that time!”

Valerie embodies the spirit of overcoming obstacles and embracing change with grace. Her story serves as a testament to the idea that patience and consistent effort pave the way for lasting achievements. She continues to push the limits and still has goals she’s reaching for!

“My next goal is to earn my pro card in the NPC and become an IFBB Pro!”

If she could give advice to anyone on their fitness journey, she says:

“Incremental progress in the right direction beats sprints in the right direction that leads to binging and going backwards. Be patient!”