Lost 35 lbs and counting

Steven, a 41-year-old from NY, shares his journey towards overcoming obesity with the help of Trifecta. Steven faced the challenge of being overweight, often hearing comments like 'You're just a big guy' or 'You carry it well.' 

“I have struggled with obesity for decades, I have been about 300lbs for a while”.

I heard the name Trifecta on Brian Shaws YouTube and heard Jay Cutler mention it on his podcast. I keep using Trifecta because the food is good, and it makes counting macros easy.  

Trifecta played a significant role in his weight loss journey, and he has already shed an impressive 35 lbs, bringing his weight down to 278 lbs. While he continues to strive for his ultimate goal of reaching 240 lbs, his determination remains unwavering. 

“I’m about halfway to my goal of 240 lbs and maybe will want to lose more. Have to wait and see, but I feel like being 100 lbs lighter will be fantastic and I will want to keep it off”.

Throughout his journey, Steven encountered obstacles, including a planned trip to visit family in Florida. However, Trifecta's convenient meal shipment service came to the rescue, ensuring he stayed on track even during travel.

Steven is well on his way to achieving his weight loss goals. The combination of delicious meals and effortless macro tracking has significantly impacted his path to a healthier and happier life.

I love the food, it takes the thinking out of dieting, and I've had nothing but success with Trifecta.