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Vegetarian Meal Delivery

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$90.93/ week

The best prepared vegetarian meal service designed for nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. Period. Our science backed, chef curated recipes use only the highest quality organic produce, eggs and plant based proteins for a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian diet made simple. Get started today!

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Trifecta Vegetarian Meal Plan Explained

Ready to Eat Vegetarian Meals

Get chef-prepared dishes cooked and shipped directly to your home - ready to eat in only two minutes! Our team of nutrition experts will take care of the meal planning so you can focus on the rest, like crushing your fitness goals.

High Protein

Skip the meat and get an average of 20 grams of plant-powered protein in each vegetarian meal. Our vegetarian recipes are also dairy-free, but we do not discourage you from excluding dairy in your diet. 

Plant Based Nutrition

Our vegetarian recipes are designed to deliver high amounts of plant-based nutrients. Fuel your body with the energy and nutrition you need to thrive with plenty of organic produce, gluten-free whole grains, and meat alternatives in every meal. 

Portion Perfect

Dine on single-serving vegetarian dishes portioned for perfect macro balance and calorie control - no matter what your health and fitness goals! Stay on track and see results faster without having to weigh and measure out everything you eat. 

Our Vegetarian Menus

Get fresh, high protein vegetarian recipes every week!

Our chefs keep things exciting with a unique menu of vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every week using seasonal ingredients, and we work with your preferences and allergy considerations.

Vegetarian Meal Cage Free Egg Frittata

Vegetarian Breakfast

Egg Frittata

Baked egg frittata with kale and tomatoes. Seasoned with light salt and pepper. 

Vegetarian Meal Lunch

Vegetarian Lunch

Crispy Tofu Skillet

Diced and seared tofu over quinoa with fresh produce. Lightly seasoned with sea salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil. 

Vegetarian Meal Dinner

Vegetarian Dinner

Beyond Beef® Skillet

Beyond Beef® with sauteed seasonal vegetables. Seasoned with oil, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, and garlic. 

This is just a sample of our vegetarian dishes. To guarantee the highest quality plant based ingredients and to promote sustainability, our menu changes weekly!

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Is Trifecta's vegetarian diet delivery right for you? Take our 5 minute quiz and get matched with the perfect meal plan.

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Our Kitchen

Feel lighter, have more energy, and crush your fitness macro goals with high protein vegetarian and vegan recipes backed by science and created by our team of nutrition trained chefs. 








Locally Sourced Ingredients


All of our vegetarian ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and direct from our partners, supporting farms and workers in our community and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Food

High-quality, organic ingredients are the foundation of our vegetarian meals. Our unrefined, non-GMO ingredients are grown with best practices for the best results. 

A whole food plant-based diet is an excellent way to achieve your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. Eating whole vegetables, fruits, tubers, whole grains, and legumes and eliminating high-fat animal products, processed ingredients, and refined flour and sugar can provide optimal nutrition. And may help reduce risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, such as high cholesterol and obesity. Many top athletes depend on a whole food plant-based diet and are proving you don't need meat to build muscle.

Powerful complete proteins are found in so much more than meat and we’re always searching for the best. Options include favorites like tofu, nutritional yeast, lentils, and black beans as well as modern plant-based alternatives like Beyond Meats®, Daring Chicken®, and Impossible®. Just like with our vegan meal plan, our chefs are driven to create plant-powered meals that are sure to satisfy your appetite and your macro goals.

vegetarian meal delivery vegetarian-meal-delivery-oh

Our Delivery Service

Get healthy meals delivered to your door!

Vegetarian Meal Plans Made Easy

It's vegetarian meal prep without the work. Tell us how many plant-based breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you'd like each week and we'll ship them to your home or office in a refrigerated box. Our vegetarian-friendly meals come fully prepared and ready to enjoy after just a few minutes in the oven, microwave, or air fryer.

Vegetarian Meals Delivered Fresh

Taste the difference with plant-based meals that are delivered fresh - not frozen. Our chef's hand prepare each recipe and then vacuum seal every portion to stay fresh in your fridge for up to 10 days. Or you can safely freeze them for up to 3 months in your own freezer. Enjoy farm-fresh flavors no matter where you live.

Free Shipping to All 50 States

Unlike other food delivery companies, there are no hidden fees or costs with your vegetarian meal plan. We ship all our vegetarian meal plans with 100% free delivery to anywhere in the U.S. so you can enjoy quality nutrition no matter where you live.

Money Back Guarantee

There are no commitments or contracts with your weekly subscription. You can skip weeks and cancel any time by reaching out to us via phone, chat, or email. And if you're not completely satisfied with your vegetarian meal delivery, we'll refund up to ten meals from your first order (within 10 days of receipt). 

A Message on Our Packaging

Caring about our health includes the health of the planet and we are constantly striving toward total sustainability. Currently, all of our packaging is FDA certified food safe and 100% recyclable. Our goal as a company is to reach 100% biodegradability on all of our packaging by 2022.

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Our Community

Trifecta doesn't just provide food, we provide the resources to make your healthy lifestyle count.

Learn how a vegetarian diet can fuel your fitness and weight loss goals and power you to thrive. Every Trifecta customer has free access to our team of trained nutrition coaches to answer your questions and help you to reach your goals step by step. Just reach out via email, chat, or phone to get your clean eating questions answered.

Join our community of thousands and reach your goals as one. Purchase a meal plan and get inspired by connecting with fellow customers and our Trifecta team of experts on our Facebook Nutrition Group. Community members follow their plans longer and see more consistent results by sharing information, inspiration, and support to other Trifecta members across the US.

Track your daily food intake in our free app!

Enjoy expert knowledge at your fingertips with complimentary vegetarian e-books, vegetarian guides, and vegetarian specific content designed to get the most out of your vegetarian meal plan. See some of our most popular pieces below.

What sets us apart from other delivery companies.


Organic Ingredients

Grass Fed

Nutrition Trained Chef

Fresh Prepared Meals

Free Shipping to All 50 States

Community and App Support


Heres what our customers are saying about Trifecta.

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Eliza N

Great tasting food, with great options, and its organic so that's a plus! Trifecta offers different meal styles and types giving me a variety and choice to choose from. The meals tasted fresh with lots of flavor. So far I've only tried the vegetarian option (two meals a day/ seven days a week) even though I'm not a vegetarian I loved it. I love the service its convenient, easy to order, and healthy. Overall I am really impressed with the service, delivery, and tasty food. It's hard to make time to make healthy meals and Trifecta does it for you at a great rate with high-quality food :)

review icon

Valentina Shevchenko

My life is much easier. Before Trifecta we were cooking all the time, spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I love to cook but with training camp, with hard training, we are coming back home with no power and having to prepare my meals. Now I have more time to rest to prepare all my power. I have the chance to have quality food, tasty's amazing. What I really like is fight week and I know I can trust Trifecta will cook exactly what I need for my best performance.

review icon

Estee T

Best meal delivery company I ever had. I was hesitant to order from a California company being in NJ because they ship fresh not frozen and was concerned about the quality once it arrived. Well it comes air sealed and it works brilliantly. The quality and flavors were amazing. Every meal has so many interesting components that really make it delicious. Far from your typical companies with the same menu every week. Here it's different meals created and sent weekly, deliveries every Friday, quality organic ingredients and nutritional info on each meal. I'm hooked.

Still have questions?

A vegetarian diet eliminates all animal meat. While vegetarians can still enjoy animal byproducts like eggs, cheese, and yogurt, vegetarian diets exclude all meat, relying on vitamin-rich, high protein vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, tubers, nuts, seeds, and plant-based meat alternatives.

There are two primary kinds of vegetarians.

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians: avoid meat and seafood but still eat many dairy and egg products like whole eggs, cream, milk, and cottage cheese.
  • Ovo vegetarians: avoid all meat, seafood, and dairy, but still eat eggs.
  • Lacto vegetarians: avoid meat, seafood, and eggs, but still enjoy dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Our vegetarian meal plans are gluten and dairy-free but we do not discourage you from including either in your own vegetarian diet.

We’ll get your macros dialed. How else you approach vegetarianism is up to you!

From a dietary standpoint, a vegetarian diet eliminates all animal meat. A vegan diet eliminates animal products entirely--meat, dairy, eggs, even honey.

Ethically, both vegetarians and vegans prioritize animal welfare with vegetarians not eating things that take the life of an animal and vegans not eating animal products at all. 

Environmentally, while most agricultural emissions are due to the production of meat, grazing animals raised for dairy do contribute to greenhouse gasses making the vegan diet somewhat more environmentally friendly.

Learn more about how vegetarianism and veganism compare here

Vegetarian meal plans are associated with weight loss, heart health, and improved blood sugar control and blood cholesterol.

How a vegetarian diet affects one's body though is based on the nature of the individual's diet.

In general, a nutrient-rich diet consisting of fresh produce will encourage good health and many find a vegetarian diet helps them prioritize eating well. But eliminating meat from your diet alone will not promise weight loss, improved health or better fitness.

Plants, especially fruits and veggies, tend to be some of the most nutrient-dense foods we know of but lots of junk food is vegetarian too.

Eating the appropriate macro and micronutrients for your body and goals is still up to the individual regardless of the diet. 


Protein is a macronutrient - in other words, a compound in food that provides calories and other nutritional benefits.

All proteins are made up of smaller, important compounds called amino acids that serve as the building blocks for your body.

Plant-based proteins are proteins found in plants, the original source of all proteins. It is important to build a plant-based diet around plants high in protein but also either complete or complementary proteins. 

Learn more about how much protein you need here

Worldwide, livestock accounts for more than 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, much of it the responsibility of the meat industry. Deforestation compounds the impact as carbon-absorbing trees are cleared to create grazing land for the livestock.

By limiting animal products from your diet, you help stop the acceleration of land loss and emissions by lowering the demand for these valuable products.

To see our top customer FAQs visit our FAQ page here.

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