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Quiz: What Diet is Best for Me? 


Confused about what you should be eating when it comes to your health and fitness goals? You're not alone. 

You could hire a personal dietitian or nutritionist to curate a custom diet plan to fit your needs, but that can get costly. We’ve got a better solution: Science-backed meal plans curated by the experts. We do the planning, shopping, and cooking - all you do is sit back and enjoy!

Stop guessing when it comes to your eating plan. Take this quick quiz to get matched with a meal plan that will finally get you results.


Improve Your Nutrition
Get science-backed, nutritious meals created by our team of experts.


Get Results
Put an end to diet failure and get into the best shape of your life.


Save Time
Let us do all the planning, shopping and cooking for you!


How to choose the right diet

Your fitness goals, personal preferences, budget, lifestyle and health can all play a role in determining which style of eating fits your needs. 

Ultimately the best weight loss diet for you is the one you can stick to long term. This means finding a healthy, balanced meal plan that includes foods that you enjoy eating. 

Identifying nutritious options that match your personal taste preferences is the best way to build better eating habits that stick around. If you love bread, pasta, and starchy foods, there’s no way you’ll survive on a low carb diet! You don’t have to sacrifice everything to get results. 

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Find the perfect meal plan

There is no special diet or magic pill to lose weight and get results, and it's definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. We are all a little different when it comes to our health and what we need to be successful. 

Step one is choosing a plan with healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Then step, 2 is learning exactly how much of those foods you need (macro balance) to support your fitness goals - whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle

When it comes to managing diet related health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, most don’t realize the same basic healthy eating principles recommended for good health can also support your weight loss and fitness goals! 

It's also essential to pay attention to how you feel. If your meal plan is leaving you low on energy, hungry, and cranky, it may not be a good fit. Whereas a plan that has you crushing PRs in the gym and feeling great, is likely a better choice.  

Learn more about our weight loss plans and how to find the best option to support your physical activity and healthy lifestyle needs.

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