Revolutionize Your Meal Prep

Instantly prepare clean meals with ready-to-eat premium ingredients. Effortlessly hit your macros without sacrificing quality or flavor.

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Premium plated salmon fillet

Premium Proteins

We only source the best cuts! Enjoy 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and responsibly raised salmon naturally high in Omega 3 acids. Certified humane. No antibiotics. No hormones. No steroids.

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Shrimp, rice, and zucchini in meal prep containers

Ready in Minutes

Spend less time in the kitchen and have your prep ready in no time! You just combine your favorite proteins, veggies and carbs and you’ll be ready for the whole week!

Save Me Time

Get high quality proteins perfectly portioned out for the easiest, most convenient prep of your life! You get control to portion your meals so you know you’re getting the right balance of protein, carbs and fats for your needs.

Chicken, rice, and zucchini in meal prep containers

Control Your Macros to the Gram

Our pre-portioned and ready-to-eat servings make it easy to hit your specific macro requirements.

Hit My Macros

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cooking involved?

We do all the cooking so all you have to do is portion out the protein, carbs and veggies to your needs.

How long can I store my prepped food?

Your meals will be good in the fridge for up to 7 days so you can cut your meal prep time to just once a week.

How many ounces come in a package?

Proteins come pre-portioned at 4 oz per serving. You will receive a total of 16 oz per package. You can easily weigh out your exact macro to the gram!

What’s used in cooking Trifecta Meal Prep?

We don’t add any unnecessary oils, fats or sugars to our meal prep - giving you the leanest, highest quality ingredients.  

Is Trifecta cost effective?

Time is a valuable resource- skip the grocery store and the hours spent on Sunday cooking. You’re not only saving time but you're getting top-notch nutrition made by our Executive Performance Chef’s.