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All meal plans are designed by our team of nutrition experts and then prepared by hand, just like you would prepare a dish in your own home, only in a much larger volume.

Our chefs use only the highest quality gluten free ingredients, including grass-fed protein, free range chicken, sustainably caught seafood, and organic produce. 

Our menu is designed seasonally, sourcing local produce and we change it up constantly so you will never get bored! We can accommodate allergies and preferences, and offer soy free, dairy free, peanut free, and meat free options.

Each dish is minimally processed, lightly seasoned, and portioned perfectly to support your health and calorie goals. 

For optimal flavor and nutrition, we deliver your meals fresh to your home each week in a temperature-controlled box. All you need to do is heat them up for a few minutes on the stovetop, or in the oven, air fryer, or microwave. 

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In order to provide the most nutritious, macro balanced meals possible, each Trifecta plan follows certain guidelines to provide a specific balance of calories, protein, fat, and carbs. The macros are listed directly on the front and back label for all meals and the average macros for each meal plan type are listed directly on each meal plan page. 

All of our plans are low calorie, high protein, and range from moderate to low carb - averaging 350 to 500 calories and over 20 to 40g of protein per dish.

If you are looking for strict control of your macro diet, you can build your own menu using our meal prep ingredients or pick and choose individual dishes with our low fat, high protein classic meal plan.  

All plans are high protein and calorie controlled to support your weight loss or muscle gain goals. But ultimately the best plan for you is the one with the type of food you enjoy eating most.

Check out our quiz to get paired with the perfect plan or reach out to our nutrition coaches for advice via phone, email, or chat

We suggest downloading our Trifecta app to get personalized calorie recommendations and convenient nutrition tracking for your food. You can also manage your Trifecta account through the account section in the app. Update your order, skip weeks, or change your delivery address all from your phone!

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While we feed some of the top athletes in the world, Trifecta delivery can support any healthy lifestyle - even if you aren't able to exercise.

The science behind healthy, macro balanced nutrition is universal, and you don't have to be an athlete to eat like one!

Trifecta Meal Delivery is right for anyone looking for an easy way to improve their nutrition, support good health, or just have delicious ready to eat meals on hand.  

In order to maintain your weight or lose weight, you must not exceed the number of calories that your resting metabolic rate burns in a day. And if you don’t exercise regularly, you may burn fewer calories – meaning you may need fewer calories overall.

Find out your exact daily calorie goals with our free Trifecta app

Spend less time cooking and more time getting results!

Trifecta has helped thousands of customers stick to their goals and transform their health.

Mckay lost 40lbs


Lost 40 lbs and 25% body fat!

"Before Trifecta delivery, I would spend countless hours in the kitchen prepping clean protein options and veggies only to have it last a few short days once my wife and kids got to it."


Sara lost 50lbs protein diet


Lost 50 pounds!

"Portion control is a big one. You don't realize until you're shown. When I started getting the food I was surprised every dish was so filling. But just seeing what an actual portion is for my calorie needs is important."


Trei got abs at 60


Got 6-pack abs at age 60!

"I am using Trifecta delivery for my lunch. It's easier than dealing with meal prep on the weekends. I also wanted more variety and to not be locked into what I made for the week. With Trifecta, I get to be surprised and try new things all the time."


Joseph lost over 100lbs


Lost over 100 pounds!

"I use Trifecta a la carte ingredients to get the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs for my keto diet. Trifecta gives me easy access to the high-quality and protein options I want. The higher quality ingredients have definitely made a difference because beforehand I was eating frozen hamburgers for just about every dish."


Shenai lost 9 percent body fat


Dropped 9% body fat!

"I was surprised by how much weight I lost that was pure fat. Since I see myself every day, I somewhat noticed a difference, but seeing the numbers was astonishing. My experience with Trifecta has been wonderful. I love the variety in recipes and the flexibility to personalize it."


Beth lost fat and improved her meantl health


Got mentally and physically fit!

"I think if I would’ve tried to plan and cook everything on my own, I would’ve failed. Between grad school and juggling two jobs as a dog trainer and a substitute teacher, having Trifecta deliver to my door (all prepped and ready to go) sealed the deal."


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Meal plans built by experts and backed by science

Meet our team of experts


Kiah Connolly



Emmie Satrazemis



Chef Scott Liebfried


The results you want without the diet food taste!

Get optimal flavor and nutrition with perfectly portioned quality ingredients in every dish.

All of our meals are prepared by hand in one of our state-of-the-art regional kitchens. Our culinary and nutrition team curate weekly menus with the highest quality, farm-fresh ingredients to provide you with full flavor for fewer calories.

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Macro Balanced

We take portion control seriously with high protein, macro perfect dishes no matter which menu you choose! All food is weighed and portioned out to perfection so you can hit your daily protein goals with ease. 

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Quality Ingredients

We use organic ingredients and all protein is level-5 humanely raised, grass-fed, and wild-caught. We only use whole-food, quality protein, sourced from trusted farms, and never add any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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Delicious Delivered

Each dish is prepared using seasonal ingredients at peak ripeness, then deep chilled using IQF technology to lock in maximum flavor and nutrient content. Next, the meals are packed up in a temperature-controlled box and sent straight to your door.

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Science Backed

We aren’t in the business of bro science. Our protein-packed recipes are created by credentialed experts who know exactly what it takes to improve health and support your fitness goals with good nutrition and proper calories. 

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Fully Prepared

No recipe cards or meal kit required! All our food is cooked, seasoned, and ready-to-eat by the time it arrives at your door. Only one step needed! Simply heat for two minutes in the oven, air fryer, microwave, or on the stovetop!

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New Menu Every Week

Kiss diet boredom goodbye and add variety to your meal prep with mouthwatering new recipes every week. Our chefs plan a versatile healthy menu so you don't have to eat the same thing every day just to stay on top of your nutrition.


You'll get more than just food delivered.



Connect with thousands of other Trifecta customers who are working on their own health and fitness journey. Get advice, share stories, and find your squad with our Trifecta Nutrition Facebook group

Need some advice when it comes to your diet? Chat us, email us, or call us directly to speak to one of our free Nutrition Coaches. We’re experts in helping you stay motivated and on track.  

Check out our Nutrition and Fitness or Health Community sites to get access to hundreds of expert-created tools, videos, and resources you can use to take your nutrition knowledge to the next level!


Trifecta Food vs. Grocery Meal Prep

Why you should skip the grocery store and get Trifecta meal prep delivery.

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