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Jason Stabilizes his Blood Sugar on Keto After 25 Years with Diabetes

Jason Stabilizes his Blood Sugar After 25 Years with Diabetes

Jason has been type 2 diabetic for over twenty years. He’s on  oral medication to control his blood sugar but would still require up to four insulin shots per day. Over the course of years, Jason often considered giving up and put himself in near death situations. Since starting a keto diet on Trifecta, Jason’s blood sugar is more stable than it’s been in decades, he feels healthier and has a new lease on life (and property in Belize!)

Meet Jason

Jason’s a Service Manager in the Inland Marine business. He works hard, rides his motorcycles and fishes. Jason and his wife just closed on a property in a country they love, Belize, where they’re planning to open an eco resort in the jungle, just in from the coast.

It's a dream come true but Jason’s just waking up from a nightmare. For nearly twenty-five years Jason’s been a type 2 diabetic.

“I've tried everything in the world.”

“I've been diabetic for two and a half decades and I've tried everything. I've been on inulin, I've been on every pill they make for diabetes and it still comes down to one thing, and its food. If you don't eat right it's going to swing up and down a lot and it does. I can eat a sandwich and I’m at 400.”

A blood sugar level of under 140 mg/dL is considered normal.

“At one point I was taking three or four shots a day, either prior to a meal or after a meal, to bring it back down plus a daily shot in the morning just to keep it from sliding too bad.”

How many shots does he take today to control his blood sugar?


I asked Jason when the last time he took an insulin shot was?

“What was the second week I started ordering Trifecta meals?”

Nearly overnight after starting a Trifecta diet, Jason was free from a constant dependence on insulin injections and has been for over two months now.

The Wrong Help for the Real World

“Everyone wants to help you but actually helping, that’s not that easy.”

Jason’s struggle to find a way to manage his carbs has been long and not without professional guidance. What was missing from the instruction was practical application in the real world. Plans that sound good in a nutritionists office don’t always work in the wild.

“The doctors, they throw pills and shots at you, that’s what they do.

“You go to these diabetic counselors and nutritionists and they’ll all tell you the same thing. They say, ‘Eat these foods, stay away from these foods.’ Basically a keto diet, the diabetic diet, it's the same thing. And then of course, you have a busy normal life.

“No one has time to spend all day Saturday or Sunday cooking meals so you'll have them all week but otherwise you get home from work after a long day and it's late and you don’t want to cook. So you order out, you eat something unhealthy, whatever.”

“The nutritionists don't live in the real world.”

The real world for Jason was a busy life and too many opportunities to opt for junk food. Finding the time to turn recommended shopping lists into reality was practically impossible.

“Not to mention expensive.

“What they tell you to buy, and of course you want fresh and organic, you're spending more money on groceries than if you ate like a normal American because a normal American is going and getting a box of Hamburger Helper and that food is cheap. When you want to eat fresh food and high protein, lean meats it gets real expensive compared to Hamburger Helper.”

Adding Up

Not only was eating healthy expensive, Jason’s insulin was adding up as well. Jason is fortunate to receive his prescriptions through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Even so, some treatments were unavailable through the VA and Jason was forced to pay out of pocket.

“It was a once-a-week shot that worked pretty well, but I stopped taking it because the VA didn't supply it and it was $700 a month out of pocket.”

Giving Up

After years of trial and nothing but error, Jason was at the end of his rope. It was hard to not be overcome with hopelessness, until a warning he couldn’t ignore inspired him to change his life.

"There was a time when I said I'm not doing anymore. I'd refuse to take any more shots. And then I just let it get all out of control.”

“I went to the doctor one time, did some tests, my doctor called me when I was in the parking lot and said, 'Can you come back in,' but she said, ‘Don't come back into my office, go to the emergency room.’”

“So how high was my blood sugar, I asked. She said “Well, we don't know because our meter only goes up to 500. It just says higher.

“I went to the emergency room where they had a different machine to test it and I was about 750."

Blood sugar levels this high can lead to complications like diabetic coma and even death.

“I was walking down the street as if nothing's wrong.”

A Plan That Works

Jason’s wake up call was a little over a year ago. He needed a solution that fit into his life on day 1, but also one he’d stick with over time.

“Before I got on the meals it was not uncommon for me to hit 350-400 mg/dL on a daily basis.”

“I've seen a lot of plans that are kind of like what Trifecta does but most of the time they were either way too expensive or the meals all tasted the same.”

Between, cost, taste or having to pick up meals locally, other companies just weren’t working for Jason until one day browsing Facebook, a post on Trifecta changed his life forever.

“I came across Trifecta on Facebook one day and decided, what the hell, I might as well try it. I spend less money than if I wasn’t ordering meals because I'm not eating out all time. And my blood sugar, within three days, just dropped. And to this day it stays pretty consistent.”

jason logbook

Jason eats four meals per day, beginning with his own breakfast followed by three Trifecta Keto meals throughout the day. Trifecta gives Jason easy access to healthy meals but also gives him the skills and mindset to maintain good habits in the real world.

"I'm very habitual about it all now. The only carbs I take in on any given day is when I sit down at this little restaurant on weekdays and I have some hash browns with my breakfast."

A New Future

Instead of insulin shots, Jason’s got better things to worry about these days.

“Here’s the problem I’m going to have. My wife and I are moving to Belize and you guys don’t ship there yet.”

Jason and his wife recently closed on a piece of property ten minutes from the coast in the jungles of Belize along the Sittee River.

“We just love it there.”

He and his wife plan on building an eco-resort there and sharing their love of Belize with others. Finding Trifecta and freedom from the swings of diabetes means Jason can look forward to new adventures and enjoy the things he already loves even more.

"It takes a lot of stress off just knowing I don't have to look forward to taking a shot constantly. Hey, I'm going to eat a meal. Now I'm going to go take a shot. Not to mention having to carry an insulin kit everywhere you go.

"I just feel better."

“I just feel better. I was riding my motorcycle and fishing before all this but now I just feel better and it makes everything you do more enjoyable. I'm pretty excited I found you."

We're excited too, Jason! If you struggle with controlling your blood sugar, a Trifecta keto diet might be what you need to find balance too. Shop now to find your own insulin free future and spend it on your dreams like Jason! Shop Keto