Top 7 Things Rich Froning Likes About Meal Prep Delivery

Rich Froning, four-time CrossFit champ and “fittest man on earth,” knows a thing or two about fueling his body for performance.

While he doesn’t stick to a specific diet, he can get behind high-quality foods like grass-fed meat and organic vegetables, not to mention saving a ton of time on meal prep. And if you know Trifecta, you know that’s where we shine.

Here, Rich “fittest man on earth” Froning shares the top 7 things he likes about Trifecta meal delivery.

1. More time for family

Family is everything to me. I’m a dad and husband first, and an athlete second. So it really fuels everything I do. If you have a similar situation, you know time is the most valuable thing in the world. 

If you’re used to traditional meal prep like most CrossFitters and other athletes, you know it pretty much takes up an entire day of your week. So the fact that you can order off A La Carte or a meal plan and have all your meals and snacks ready to go for the week is huge. 

It saves a ton of time, ensures you have food ready to eat and lets you enjoy more of the best parts of life.

2. High-quality ingredients

If you live in a place where high quality meat isn’t available, or insanely expensive, Trifecta is huge. They use top-of-the-line meats like organic 100% grass-fed beef, free range chicken and sustainably caught seafood. 

It doesn’t hurt that the animals lived a good life and grazed the land similar to if you hunted your own food.

3. More of what you paid for

When you buy a frozen protein like chicken at the grocery store, a lot of that weight is just ice and water. But Trifecta never freezes ingredients, so you get more of what you paid for: the meat. 

And since they make so much protein at a time, you get a better product for a better price.

4. Nationwide delivery

It’s awesome that Trifecta ships nationwide, so more people have access to healthy food like grass-fed meat, sustainably-caught seafood and organic vegetables. 

That may not seem like a big deal if you live somewhere where grocery stores have a variety of fresh food and high quality ingredients. But some places in America don’t. So a service like Trifecta is huge for people who have a harder time finding these types of ingredients.

5. Paleo friendly meals

A lot of CrossFitters choose a Paleo diet because of how they feel and perform on it. But it’s not always the easiest diet to prep for and stay full on. That’s why Trifecta offers a meal plan specifically for Paleo eaters. This plan makes it easy to eat well and always have something ready to go in the fridge.

And the meals are made with true Paleo ingredients. As close as possible to what our ancestors would have eaten, including grass-fed, organic, and sustainably caught meats. No legumes, soy, dairy or refined sugar.

6. Nutrient-dense grass-fed meat

It may seem like protein is protein, who cares. But there are differences. Since grass fed beef is leaner, it has more good stuff (protein) per calorie.

Grass fed meat is also lower in fat. So if you do count macros, it’s easier to keep them in balance.

7.  Better edge

Whether you’re competing at the highest levels or just working hard to PR, you need an edge. Your body is a machine meant to do awesome stuff when you give it what it needs.

So fuel it right and believe anything is possible—and you’ll start accomplishing things you never thought you could.

 Learn more about Trifecta

If time, good ingredients and easy access to high quality food are as important to you as they are to me, Trifecta is worth looking into. You can choose a pre-set meal plan that works for you (Paleo, Clean, Classic, Vegan, Vegetarian). Or just pick all your favorite foods from the A La Carte menu.

You don't have to be a macro counter to benefit from more whole foods and nutrient dense meals. Adding even a little more of these things to your diet can improve your life and fitness for the better.