What to Expect from Your Trifecta Meal Delivery

New to the site and curious how premade meal delivery works? Just placed your first order and want to know what to expect? No matter where you're at in your meal prep journey, you've come to the right place.

These are some of the most common questions we receive about delivery, and we hope they're useful to you, too. We aim to inform you every step of the way so that you ultimately love your Trifecta experience

Read on to learn what to expect from your delivery - and get excited for that bright orange box at your door.

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When is the food delivered?

Deliveries happen once a week, typically on Fridays with some Saturday deliveries. 

How is the food delivered? 

Your delivery will arrive via FedEx or local delivery service by end of day, which can be as late as 8:00 PM in some areas, so don't panic if you get off work and your food hasn't arrived yet. 

If you’re not around to accept the package, it is in a refrigerated case and will do fine until you can bring it inside and put your meals in the fridge.

How often will I get deliveries?

Trifecta is a subscription-based service that comes every week. So once you sign up, you'll receive weekly deliveries, unless you skip a week or contact us and specify otherwise.

Which meals are lunch and dinner?

Lunch and dinner items are interchangeable. So you're free to eat a lunch entree for dinner or a dinner entree for lunch. 

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What kind of package will the food come in?

Your meals will arrive in an orange and white insulated box that looks like the example below. Larger orders will of course come in larger boxes, but we try to fit as many packages in each box to reduce the carbon footprint of the shipping.

trifecta meal delivery

Each box has a refrigerated case inside that keeps the food fresh for as long as 72 hours. The box is filled with food-grade ice packs to keep your food cold and fresh.

Your meals will be packed securely side by side so they don't move around in transit and still look attractive when they arrive.

Meals are prepared weekly and deep chilled,  so all you have to do is heat, and enjoy (or take on the go/etc). 

How can I track my package?

You'll receive an email with your FedEx (or another carrier) tracking number on Thursday, the day before your package is set to arrive.

The food is delivered between 8 AM-8 PM so you can check your tracking, see when it arrives and get to eating as soon as possible.

What if I'm not home?

If you aren’t home your package will generally be left at your door. Because of the way our food is packaged, it will remain cold and fresh until you get home.

Also, we do ship nationwide, so if you're ever traveling, we can send your deliveries to any hotel or address that FedEx or local delivery service delivers to. This ensures you never have to take a break from your preferred diet.

What should I do with the items in the box?

Everything that comes in your box is either 100% recyclable or food. We designed it this way on purpose and aim to move towards totally biodegradable trays in the future.

  • Cardboard Box: Like most cardboard, our boxes are made with recyclable materials. The best way to dispose of them is to reuse, recycle or compost which takes approximately 2 months for a full breakdown and can be accelerated by getting the cardboard wet when you add it to the compost.

  • Plastic Trays: Our plastic trays are food-grade plastic and are 100% recyclable when cleaned.

  • Box Liner: We use Temperpack ClimaCell box liners for insulation. This starch-based foam box liner functions by trapping air, and minimizing conduction and convection to provide temperature stability; aka keeping your food nice and cold. Using ClimaCell in place of traditional insulation or styrofoam reduces Scope 3 emissions and is fully recyclable. 

  • Ice packs: these contain food-safe gel and can be reused! Alternatively, you can also drain them into the sink with the garbage disposal on and recycle the outer plastic case.


    What Meal Plan Should I Order?


How are the meals packaged?

Your meals will come sealed and deep chilled to maintain freshness (our food does not contain preservatives). 

How should I store the meals?

For the best taste, we recommend consuming your meals within 7 days of delivery.

If you don't plan to consume within that time we recommend freezing immediately upon delivery which will stay good for up to three months. 

How should I heat the meals?

You can cook your meals immediately upon delivery however as meals are deep chilled,  thawing meals for about 24 hours in the fridge will reduce heating time. 

Our favorite way to heat our meals is on a skillet, stove, or air frying. These methods help creates a crispy outer texture and a soft center.

For anyone really pressed for time, or in an environment like an office where you don't have access to a skillet or oven, puncture a few holes in the top wrapper or peel back a corner and pop in the microwave for 3 minutes on medium heat.

We do not recommend microwaving large cases of meat or veggies from the Meal Prep menu, only individual meals. Cook times may vary depending on your microwave brand and power levels.

Once heated, peel off the wrapper, throw it on a plate (or eat it right out of the tray), and enjoy!

What if I want to try another plan?

More power to you. We actually encourage customers to try out a few plans to see which one they love most.

All of our plans are designed to have favorable macro and micronutrient levels and calorie levels.

If you do want to switch, just log into your account  and make the change by Friday at the latest, one week prior to the delivery date. For example: If you change your plan on Wednesday 8/10/2022, the change will go into effect on Friday 8/19/2022.

Not sure which meal plan is right for you? Take this 5-minute quiz to get paired with your ideal diet. 

How will I know the macros/ingredients?

Protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, and ingredients are all printed right on the package for ease and convenience. We know tracking macros is a priority for many so we aim to make it as seamless as possible.

While all of our meal plans are macro-balanced and can be utilized to help hit your nutrition and health goals - if you have very specific macro or calorie goals, Meal Prep may be perfect for you by giving you the ultimate control to portion your meals.  

Meal Prep lets you order the exact items you want in the quantity you want and allows you to make your own portion as opposed to our other meal plans which have a varied, chefs rotating menu and calorie and macro ranges/averages. 

What's next?

Have more questions about delivery or anything else about our service? Our customer support team is always standing by to help!

Contact us via phone, chat, or email.

(530) 564-8388 |  info@trifectanutrition.com

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