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The easiest way to stick to your health and fitness goals. Get freshly prepared meals delivered to your door.

Trifecta Premade Meal Delivery Premade Meal Delivery

Save on the meal delivery service trusted by top athletes.


Get delicious food delivered without the hassle.

All the convenience with none of the runaround.

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Trifecta’s mission is to help get America back into shape. And we want everyone in America to have easy access to farm-fresh food that lets them lead their best life. We ship all our zero gluten meals to any address in all 50 states.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

Got a vacation planned or just need to switch things up? No problem! You can skip weeks or change up your order at any time in our app or My Account section of our website. Or if you need to cancel just reach out to our support team for help. 

Money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We know purchasing a week's worth of meals online can feel scary. But we're so confident that you'll love your new diet that we'll refund up to $120 of your first order. 

Have fully cooked meals delivered each week.

Shipped fresh and ready to eat in 2 minutes!

Every meal is handmade from scratch, just like you would prepare in your own home. We use organic produce to give you the best quality meals.

We know there's more than one way to eat healthy so we prepare food that fit any diet and every meal is free of gluten. Whether you're looking for low carb or high protein, we have a meal plan for you!

Trifecta meals are portion-controlled to keep calories within a desirable range for most diets, averaging 350 to 500 calories per meal depending on the plan you choose. All deliveries will have protein, carbs, fat, nutritional, and calorie information on the label so that you can adjust your intake to meet your fitness goals.

The meal plans are all chef's choice which means you'll receive a variety of new recipes each week and you can choose up to two preferences when you add the plan to your cart.

Each week, we adjust our menu to utilize whatever fresh ingredients our farmers have on hand. We also do our best to work with in-season produce. Our chefs constantly rotate, change and add dishes to our menus. So don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from.  

We sparingly use oil in our meals to keep them as healthy as possible. When we do use oil, it's always healthy oils like avocado, coconut, and olive oil.

The oils we use to create our Keto Meals are coconut, grape seed, rice bran, sesame, avocado, and flaxseed oil.

If you're looking for meals without any oil or to have more control over your calories and macros, then check out our A La Carte menu and Classic Meals. Each of these are made without any oil or sauce.

First, you pick from one of our meal plans.

Your healthy meals will arrive on Friday, or Saturday at the latest. You will then default to a weekly schedule. You can skip weeks on your account page or you can request that your account be set up on an every other week, every 3rd week, or every 4th week

Learn more about How Healthy Meal Delivery Works here!

Yes! We source the best quality ingredients available and purchase as many ingredients as we can from local family-run suppliers with sustainable practices. Fresh and healthy is our number one priority so our fruits and vegetables are naturally grown and our meats are grass-fed and fish are sustainably caught. All of our options are free of gluten and free of extra additives, oils, and preservatives to make each recipe special.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just maintain a healthy diet, calorie control is key. This is why all of our plans offer portion-controlled meals to help you hit your calorie goals consistently. Our meals are also made with the highest quality, nutrient-dense ingredients and macro balanced to help make sticking to your diet even easier - supporting improved mood, energy, and appetite control with better nutrition overall.  

Ultimately the best meal plan for you is one with foods you enjoy eating

How much time does it take to meal prep 7 meals how much time does it take to meal prep 7 meals

Find the best plan for you!


Take our quick quiz to be matched with the special plan that fits your goals and taste preferences.

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Eating healthy made simple! Our meal plans are first created and planned by our Chefs and Nutritionists to ensure each recipe is healthy, special, and made with high quality ingredients.

Clean Eating Meal Delivery

Clean Eating Prepared

 Clean eating has never been simpler. Have minimally processed, healthy organic meals on hand all week long.
Shop Clean Eating
Paleo Meal Delivery

Paleo Prepared

You don't have to live like a caveman to eat like one. We'll send you high-protein, grain-free meals for your Paleolithic diet.
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Keto Meal Delivery

Keto Prepared

The easiest way to cut carbs and keep your hunger in check. Enjoy gourmet, ready to devour keto approved recipes.
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Vegan Meal Delivery

Vegan Prepared


100% plant-based and perfectly balanced for good nutrition, our high protein vegan meals are made for healthy convenience.
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Vegetarian Meal Delivery

Vegetarian Prepared


Cut back on meat and make your plant based diet easier with tasty meat alternatives, whole grains, and organic produce. 
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Classics Meal Delivery

Classic Prepared


Keep things simple with minimally seasoned entrees that are low in fat and salt. Pick and choose your menu to build your own meal plan. 
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Let our kitchen take care of the hard parts for you.

The average person spends over 100 hours a year in the grocery store. Not to mention all the time wasted driving to and from the store, cooking, and cleaning.

Skip the food prep altogether and spend more time doing what you enjoy like being with your family, hitting the gym, or finally finishing that new book. 

Let our kitchen do all of this for you. Our team of expert chefs and nutritionists will plan and cook a tasty, balanced menu, high in protein and free of gluten, each week. Then we'll package, ship, and deliver it right to your home in a refrigerated box. 

All you need to do is heat them up for a couple of minutes and dig in!

Real Customers. Real Results. 

Shenai Before and After

Shenai got lean while eating the Vegan Plan

"My experience with Trifecta has been wonderful. I love the variety in meals and the flexibility to personalize the meal plan. My body fat percentage went from 28.1% to 20.98%. That’s a total of 13.7 lbs of fat mass lost! With the combination of F45’s workouts and Trifecta’s macro dialed meal plans, my body started responding almost immediately."

Trei Before and After

Trei lost nearly 200lbs and kept it off

"I am using Trifecta exclusively for my lunch. It's easier than dealing with cooking and prepping on the weekends. And I have other things to do. I’m not a big fan of doing my own meal prep; having to eat the same thing all week long is not ideal. I wanted more variety and to not be locked into what I made for the week. With Trifecta, I get to be surprised and try new things all the time."

Sara Before and After

Sara lost 30lbs and gained muscle

“I've lost weight before in the past quite a few times but my body composition is so different this time because I'm getting like that protein that I'm supposed to have and I'm eating good food that's actually fueling my muscles and all these muscles are coming out.”

More Transformations

Get healthy meals for your lifestyle delivered straight to your door.

We've helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health just by swapping one or two meals a day for Trifecta food. 

Our high protein recipes are designed to deliver on flavor while maintaining calorie control and high amounts of nutrients your body needs to thrive.

There are healthy options for every lifestyle, including low fat, high protein, low carb, low salt, and no oil added.

Get started today and start seeing the results you've always wanted. 

Whether you're working remotely or back in the office, get ahead of lunchtime hunger with a variety of nutritious choices on hand. 

Eliminate the stress of having nothing to eat and stick to your diet goals with tasty selections ready in 2 minutes!


Hold yourself accountable and stick to your goals with our world-class nutrition and fitness tracking app. The perfect match for your Trifecta plan!

Get custom calorie and macro goals for your lifestyle, log your daily food and drink intake with our database of over 6 million foods, and get access to free daily coaching and workouts in the palm of your hand. 

Healthy meals built for busy lifestyles

Food ingredients you can recognize and trust.

What's inside our heat and eat gourmet meals?

Organic & Non-GMO Ingredients

All of our freshly made dishes are created with seasonal, local, organic ingredients to encourage optimal flavor and nutrition. All plans are also made without any GMO containing ingredients. 

Portion Perfect Servings

Each dish is portion controlled to provide balanced nutrients and calories in each serving. We also control how much oil and salt go into every recipe to ensure you get the right amount of flavor and nutrition.

Minimally Processed Whole Foods

Our menu is comprised of nothing but minimally seasoned whole foods, prepared without any added preservatives, or artificial ingredients. We also limited added salt, pepper, oil, and seasonings in most dishes. 

Sustainable Fish & Seafood

We only source our seafood from fisheries that work hard to ensure the fish population can remain productive and healthy through sustainable fishing. The well-being of the oceans and fisheries-dependent communities is a top priority.

Grass Fed and Humanely Raised Meats

We source lean protein from ranchers who rely on natural feed and promote ethical living conditions that meet the animal's needs. The animals receive most nutrients from grass making it leaner than typical corn-fed options. 

No Antibiotics Ever

All of our animal proteins are not given antibiotics at any point in their lives, supporting FDA, USDA, and WHO recommendations to help minimize drug-resistant bacteria.

Trifecta vs. Other Premade Meal Companies

See how we stack up against our meal delivery competitors!


Organic Ingredients

Grass Fed

Nutrition Trained Chef

Fresh Prepared Meals

Nationwide Shipping

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Food Reviews

review icon

Alyssa K

I've tried a variety of companies, and will openly admit I am pretty picky and specific when it comes to the quality of my entrees, and Trifecta became the ONLY one I'll go with. Diet prep can be tricky, but they make it so I have nothing to worry about here! Their food is ALWAYS fresh, which again, can definitely be tough. Not only is it fresh and super clean (not seasoned crazy or leaving you with any of that to worry about), but it genuinely tastes SO good. I don't know how they get the flavor so great with so little extra seasonings! I am totally obsessed with their chicken, and the flavor of their both their cod and basa are so delish! The quality is top notch, but their customer service and the people that work for the company that I have interacted with on various questions or any little concerns are an absolute JOY. If / when there is a little mistake made, they are on it immediately and ALWAYS go out of their way to accommodate. I can't speak highly enough about everyone I have communicated with. Thank you so much for making my diet one less thing to worry about! ONLY WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

review icon

Liana S

I've been ordering the protein options from here for a few months now. I haven't bought the meals because I like being able to cook my own vegetables. I tried all the meats, my favorite is the salmon and chicken. I love that they're seasoned already so I can eat it out of the package, but I can also prepare it in other ways and the seasoning (light pepper and garlic, with reduced-sodium content)  doesn't overpower the way I've prepared it. I've tried chicken Katsu, cod katsu, chicken curry, bison Indian curry, steak Indian curry, chicken Japanese curry. Bison burgers are great too. I'm not an athlete, just looking to be a healthier human.

review icon

John B

Really great service! During my subscription I asked to change my preferences a few times, (Ex. no fish, frequency, etc) and their customer service was excellent every time I needed them. Would highly recommend it if you are in need of healthy options delivered weekly!

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