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Keto Diet Meals
Burn fat efficiently with our low carb, high protein keto diet. Enjoy savory dishes that help you reach ketosis and your goals.
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Vegan Diet Meals
A plant-based diet that's perfectly balanced for your active lifestyle. It doesn't get better, for you or the planet.
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Clean Diet Meals
A clean and healthy lifestyle starts with a clean diet. Enjoy whole foods, prepared by our kitchen and shipped to you.
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Vegetarian Diet Meals
Stay in shape meat-free with a macro balanced vegetarian diet designed to help you hit your diet and weight loss goals.
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Paleo Diet Meals
The paleolithic diet lives on because of its success. Diets designed around our evolution with modern inspiration.
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Diet Meal Prep
Pick and choose your favorite certified organic proteins, grains and vegetables. All prepared in our kitchen for your table.
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Diet Quiz

Get matched with the perfect diet for your tastes and goals.

Dieting Done Right

The best diet is the one that works best for you. Trifecta's meal plans cater to five of the top diets with science backed nutrition to promote good health.

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Lose weight with ready to eat meals delivered to your door. Our menus are designed by our registered dietitian and nutrition trained chef to provide macro balanced, nutritious meals for your fitness or weight loss program. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with nutritional information calculated to the gram. Our fresh and ready meals keep you on track and inspired with weekly rotating menus using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

We offer six popular weight loss meal plans plus a wide selection of fresh organic ingredients to give you the nutrition you need no matter your diet.

A System for Success

So much more than food.

Whether you're new to nutrition or are looking to push past a plateau, our team of nutrition coaches can keep you informed and inspired to reach your goals.

Track macros and calories, log meals, follow workouts and stay up to date with the latest news and recipes on our free, state of the art mobile app.

Dieting can feel isolating. Trifecta members enjoy an active online community to share stories, tips, challenges, and wins along the way with thousands of others across the country.


Trifecta Diet Transformations

Learn how thousands of Trifecta customers have transformed their health and achieved their fitness goals.

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“The higher quality food has definitely made a difference because beforehand I was eating frozen hamburgers for just about all my meals.”


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"I haven't had a meal I don't like. It's made it so easy for me. I felt like I could be successful."




With the help of my trainer and a new clean diet, I went from 225 lbs. and 30% body fat to 185 lbs. with 12% body fat.


Healthy Weight Loss

Cut calories without cutting out the important macro and micronutrients we need for our health. Trifecta's carefully calculated meals are designed with nutrient-dense calories that sustain lifelong healthy habits, not dangerous quick fixes.

Foods high in protein fill you up faster and keep you fuller longer than fat and carbs. Our high protein meals help keep your calories and cravings in check to lose weight without starving yourself.

Losing weight is just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the weight off requires continued good eating and conscious examination of our habits. Trifecta transforms the way our customers think about food, to transform their bodies for life.

What to Expect

Tried losing weight and nothing works? There is no one size fits all diet. Finding the one that works for you is about finding the one you enjoy the most. Take our diet quiz to find the diet that works for your goals and preferences.

Knowledge is power. With Trifecta meals and our complimentary app, tracking your calories is easy. By tracking your food, you'll learn how your body reacts to different foods and make adjustments to achieve maximum results. 

A proper diet should be lifelong but your subscription doesn't have to be. Commit to yourself, not to us.


Diet Resources

Trifecta offers the food to fuel your diet goals and resources to achieve them. Try these free tools today to learn how you can be dieting more effectively and see results fast.


BMI Calculator

Set the right goals by understanding your body composition first.Get My BMI

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TDEE Calculator

Determine the calories you need for weight loss, gain, or maintenance.Get My Calories

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Meal Prep Toolkit

Shopping lists, recipes, and instruction to weekly meal prep for weight loss.Get My Toolkit

What Sets Us Apart


Organic Ingredients

Grass Fed

Nutrition Trained Chef

Fresh Prepared Meals

Nationwide Shipping

Community and App Support


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Kristin C

I've had a great experience with Trifecta! I have a super busy life so I wanted convenience but also wanted to eat healthy and control calories. I do the Paleo meal plan, and the food has been delicious (breakfast meals are still my favorite!!). I haven't had any of the ordering/delivery issues - it is always there on Fridays like clockwork. I track calories in My Fitness Pal and more and more of the Trifecta meals are showing up there, which makes it easier to track too. Thank you for the service and making my life easier!! :-)

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Alyssa G

WOW! I cannot say enough about how good these meals are and how good I feel about eating them. This is coming from a girl who hates leftovers and reheating food. I ordered the Paleo meals and they fit my diet perfectly, the amount of food in each portion is perfect as well. I can officially say I have gotten over my aversion to reheating food and now have so much free time as I do not have to cook and clean up after every single meal. Meals are organic, healthy, and delicious. Looking forward to future deliveries!

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Lauren K

I get the pre-portioned macro-friendly meals and they are really good! I was so relieved to find these already set carb, protein, fat meals that are already prepared and so convenient to just warm up. I wasn't expecting them to taste as good as they do either. I add a little butter and seasonings to the veggies but the protein is perfectly prepared. It's so nice to have these meals taken care of. They are also shipped so perfectly in a nice cold box. I would highly recommend for anyone keeping track of their macros and need something convenient and ready to go.