Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle: Andy's 17 lb Transformation

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Andy decided to push himself out of his comfort zone and work toward improving his body composition and nutrition. By using the RP templates and Trifecta's Meal Prep, Andy gained lean muscle mass and lost a total of 17 pounds. To learn more about Andy's experience with Trifecta, read his full story below.

"If you're looking to make a change, get that time back to spend with your family, or kick the stress of prepping meals, Trifecta just makes it a lot simpler." - Andy Young, Orlando, FL.

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Meet Andy

I work as a financial planner to help people reach their financial goals and  dreams. My wife and I recently relocated to Orlando and God decided to bless us with a baby girl back in November. One of the things that we really enjoy doing is called 'walk-about weekends,' where we try to go on a hike or family walk together just to enjoy the sunshine and be active as a family.  Trifecta has definitely given us the chance to spend more time together.

A Healthy Diet


We've been trying to eat relatively well for years. Over time, we've eliminated the microwave and have limited our dairy and sugar intake. We started following the RP templates about 6 months ago, which is how we discovered Trifecta's Meal Prep. The time that it saves us as a family to cook and clean up has been amazing. It's definitely been a blessing to have all the prep done and know that the meals will keep us on track with our healthy habits. 

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Before and After: Gaining Muscle Mass

My main goal was to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I didn't think it was realistic to get in better shape than I was; I just wanted to do something to stay active. Then, I had a mindset switch and realized that I'm still capable of doing things to improve and that I need to push myself past my comfort zone. 

Andrew Young Before and After

Before and after: Andy's weight loss transformation from 199 to 182 pounds, from May 2017 — April 2018.

Trifecta has been a great help for being able to add lean muscle mass while maintaining. It's normally either that you bulk up or lean down; I didn't think it was possible to accomplish both at the same time but I was able to realize that by using Trifecta and RP. I've also been able to introduce more high intensity training thanks to Trifecta.


By changing how I was eating and what I was eating, I've lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure. I used to be in the higher range for both, but don't have those issues anymore. I've also seen tremendous improvements as far as energy level and mental clarity. I don't get the 2 o'clock slump at the office anymore.

A Healthy Tip

For anybody that's looking to have any improvements, even if it's the smallest step, consistency is key. If you drink more water than you did before or give up soda, it's still a small victory that pushes you toward goal. Say you're going to eat clean 80% of the timenot holding yourself to 100% right away allows you to experience the freedom and peace of mind that you're doing something to improve, and you'll be able to see the changes along the way. Start today.

Andrew Young 2

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