How You Can Follow The RP Diet Effortlessly

You saw the before and afters, read the FAQs, and decided the RP Diet was for you.

You've downloaded the RP App and you're eager to see results. Now what?

To start, meal prep will probably become a big part of your life.  For many, this works out fine. But for those with busy lives, the time commitment can be a roadblock to success.

If you're in the second camp, Trifecta offers ready-to-eat macro-friendly proteins, veggies, and carbs delivered to your home or gym. No cooking is involved! Allowing you to meal prep like a boss and hit your fitness goals with RP. 

It's almost like Trifecta and RP were meant to be together. Wondering how this match made in heaven works? Here's a little more info about how using Trifecta Meal Prep can help you conquer your RP diet.

Get Only RP Approved Foods


All Trifecta Meal Prep foods are RP approved. So you can choose your favorite options without wondering if you’re sticking to the plan. 

There's enough stress involved with dieting as is--we're happy to take the guesswork out of meal prep so you can conquer your template with confidence.

All proteins and vegetables are baked, and the carbs are steamed. Just pick and choose what you want, weigh it to fit your macros and you’re done. 

Add Your Own Flavors

Trifecta Meal Prep and Classic meals are lightly seasoned with no added oils or butters. So you can add your own seasonings or sauces to keep your meals interesting without going off a diet. 

Hot sauce, anyone? 

Nail the 10/90 Rule

All Trifecta proteins hit the RP requirement of 10 percent of calories from fat or lower. This makes it easy to know you’re sticking to the plan and getting maximum results. 

Save Time With Pre-Portioned Foods

Meal Prep items and Classic meals come pre-measured in 4 oz portions. So you can spend less time weighing, cutting, and measuring. Imagine being able to reach into the fridge and have an already portioned, ready-to-eat piece of protein at a moment's notice. It's every hangry dieter's dream.

Get More Protein With Nutrient Dense Meat

All Trifecta proteins are the highest quality you can get anywhere. That means grass-fed, sustainably caught, and raised to the highest ethical standards.

Our proteins are always free from hormones and antibiotics. And grass-fed meat tends to be leaner, making it more nutrient dense - meaning you get more protein and nutrition per calorie.

Stay on Track With Juicy Proteins

Most of us can string together simple meals that meet our macros. But they won’t necessarily taste great. Trifecta proteins are cooked by professionals, so they’re juicy, lightly seasoned, and have a perfect texture.

Compared to most amateur at-home meals, Trifecta proteins are more enjoyable and flavorful. So you’re less likely to get burned out and more inclined to stick it out and complete your template.

Skip Meal Prep Sunday

Traditional meal-preppers spend around 8 hours a week cooking, weighing, and portioning. That’s hundreds of hours a year and thousands in a lifetime. Trifecta helps you spend that time training, resting, or being with family instead.

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Food Weight Explained: RP vs. Trifecta

One difference between RP and Trifecta is that Trifecta food weights are for cooked food whereas RP template weights are for uncooked food. That means you need to multiply your template weight by about 2/3 because food loses a bit of weight once cooked - mainly from water. 

Remember, the numbers on your template are the grams of each macro in the food, not the weight of the food itself. You can use butterfly math (also known as cross multiplication) to determine how many ounces of each food to eat.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.31.25 PM

For instance, 4 oz. of sweet potatoes have 22 grams of carbs. If you need 25 grams of carbs based on your template, do butterfly math to determine how many ounces of sweet potatoes to eat:

22g = 25g   4*25=22x    100=22x     4.5=x 

In the example above, you'd need 4.5 ounces of uncooked sweet potatoes. Now multiply by 2/3 to find the amount of Trifecta-cooked sweet potatoes to eat. You need 3 oz. of cooked sweet potatoes.

It works the same way for proteins. For instance, 4oz of chicken has 25g of protein. If you need 40g of protein based on your template, do butterfly math to determine how much chicken to eat:

4oz =  x      4*40=25x    160=25x     6.4=x   

In the example above, you need 6.4 ounces of uncooked protein. Now multiply by 2/3 to see how much cooked Trifecta chicken to eat. You need 4.3 oz. of cooked Trifecta chicken.

Still, feeling confused? Don't worry, we've taken out almost all of the math with our RP Template Macro Calculator. It tells you exactly how much of each cooked Trifecta Meal Prep item to eat.


All in All

To sum it up, if you want to commit to an RP template but don't have enough time for meal prep, Trifecta can help.

We offer high-quality, macro-aligned ingredients in pre-portioned sizes. They're professionally cooked and ready to eat, so you never have to wait more than a few minutes to eat. And we all know how it feels to be hangry and just want a ready-to-eat meal that meets your macros.

Learn more below, or contact our customer service team for more information.