How Bhakti Lost 15 lbs but Gained a 6 Pack

By meal prepping and tracking her macros, Bhakti was able to dial in her nutriton to reach her goals. With the help of Trifecta's Meal Prep and the RP templates, she was able to stick to her diet, lost 15 pounds, and finally got the abs she always wanted. Learn more about Bhakti's story below.

"That’s the best part of Trifectathey do the work for you! If you don’t have time to meal prep, just grab some Trifecta meat, add some fresh veggies and you have a meal that fits your macros." - Bhakti Patel, Weehawken, NJ.

Meet Bhakti

Bhakti 2-1

I started CrossFit in 2012 hoping to lose weight. I got a lot stronger and lost some weight, but not a significant amount. 

A few years ago, tracking macros and counting your calories was all the rage. It seemed like an internet fad and everyone was doing it; but when someone I actually knew lost a lot of weight, looked amazing, and said she was tracking her macros, I was sold.

Healthy Meal Prep

I finally started the Renaissance Periodization cut templates that I bought months ago.

A huge part of being able to stick to my daily calories was getting Trifecta’s precooked bulk food delivered to my home. The food is clean, fits my macros, and is vacuum-sealed. Whatever I couldn’t eat in time I froze, and everything froze well.


The bulk chicken, beef, and salmon are perfect! Often times I microwaved the food right out of the freezer and had no issues with it being dry or freezer burned. Because the food was budget-friendly, moist, and heated well, I was a repeat customer and it was easy to stick to my diet.

Get your personalized macro calculations! 

"I couldn’t have done my first cut without Trifecta’s bulk food: working full time, commuting to and from NYC, going to the gym AND cooking would have been a lot; as if cutting weight wasn’t hard enough."


I didn’t have to sacrifice sleep or going to the gym after work because I didn’t have to spend time figuring out what to eat, cooking meals or grocery shopping anymore. Food was delivered right to my door and all I had to do was buy fresh veggies.

Non-Scale Victories

I was always a heavy kid so naturally one of my goals was to have visible abs. I remember in middle school, they had us write a letter to our future selves of what we wanted in 10 years. I wrote ‘have a 6 pack.’ It took me longer than 10 years but thanks to Trifecta Nutrition and my best efforts to follow RP, I lost 15 pounds and got to see my abs!

Bhakti Patel

Before and after: Bhakti's transformation from 145 to 130 pounds from January to October 2016.

My Weight Loss Diet

RP cut templates told me how much, when and to a degree, what I needed to eat. I was able to stick to my diet because I had precooked food that was easy to take to work and reheat.

Trifecta essentially prepared my meals so I didn’t have to stress about putting something together last minute when I was hangry. I had food that was always ready for me when I needed it. Counting macros was easy because the nutrition information was clearly labeled.


"If I were to do a serious cut again, Trifecta would be my go-to;  the customer service and food quality are great, it’s budget-friendly, and easy to take with you on the go."

Trifecta meals are a great option to help you get started on a cut. I think meal prep and figuring out how many calories are in your food are the hardest part of a cut but Trifecta takes that out of the equation so you don't cheat on your diet. NO EXCUSES!

A Healthy Tip

Strategizing how to feel full without overeating was a big part of the cut.

A great lesson I learned was to slow down and chew my food because it takes time for the body to register that I’ve eaten. I also pay attention to what I eat and why.

We tend to eat out of boredom or just because something is in front of us, regardless of whether we’re hungry or not (think chips and salsa or that bread basket at a restaurant). I’ve definitely caught myself mindlessly eating and putting on weight but I know better now!

Finally, cutting weight and strength training may affect your cycle.

I thought it was normal to skip periods when you train hard. After researching it, I realized that it was a concern that I needed to address by either changing my diet or training. Ladies, if that’s something you notice, consider backing off and giving your body a chance to rest and reset.

Best of luck to anyone out there trying to make healthy changes!

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