Eating Healthy on a Budget

Julia Nunez
Julia Nunez

Finding healthy, organic food that also fits your budget can seem like a jigsaw puzzle. That’s what our founders wanted to solve for when they were created Trifecta: To provide the highest quality, most nutrient-dense food options, made to help you crush your diet without being difficult or pricey. 

Here's some easy ways to master your meal prep and your macros on Trifecta, without breaking the bank. 

How to Eat Healthy on A Budget

To be within budget and still have a balanced, nutritious diet, there are a few important things to consider—including how much you should be spending and what your diet goals are.

When it comes to cost of food, your grocery list should average around 10% of your annual income. In other words, roughly 10% of your take home salary, including take-out and food on a twinkly night out.

To learn more about how to meal prep & lose weight, click HERE to get a full length article on templates, recipes, tips & more! 

Our $119 minimum is there to give our customers free shipping. So the price that you see at checkout is the price you pay. Wondering exactly how far $119 will take you? Being healthy and taking care of your body shouldn't be burdensome or expensive, so we've put together 3 tips and tricks to work around our minimum on each order to save you time and money.

Many of us think eating healthy is this tiresome quest of reading nutrition labels, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t let meal-prep take over your Sundays and instead take over the meal-prep by having everything already pre-made and ready for you to devour.

1. Buy in Bulk

If a ready-to-eat meal plan feels too pricey for you or you just want more control over your nutrition, try out our a la carte options.

Ordering in bulk will allow you to get more for less. When you piece together the carbs, protein and veggies yourself, you only end up spending about $6-$7 for each meal. Almost the same thing you would pay at a fast food joint, but with more portion control and way more nutrition that your body will thank you for in the long run.

And unlike traditional shopping, where you have to drive to the grocery store, stand in line and then drive back home to get cooking, our pre-cooked a la carte items are shipped ready to eat, allowing you to skip the line and not have to spend hours in the kitchen afterwards. Meaning you also save on time and get your Sundays back! 

Here’s a sample order of meals that cost only $6-$7:

  • 1lb of chicken for $14.49
  • 1lb of sweet potatoes for $8.99
  • 1lb of mixed vegetables for $15.99
  • 1lb of steak for $26.35
  • 1lb of brown rice for $6.99
  • 1lb of asparagus for $12.99
  • 1lb of zucchini for $13.99
  • 1lb of beef for $14.49
    • The total all together is $131.27
  • Order total / # of meals → 131.27/20 → $6.56/meal

Now you have a total of 20 meals, and you can mix and match your ingredients to make numerous meal combinations. Plan your meals and decide how much of each item you'll use in each meal. And season however you like!

Need some inspiration? Here are some sample meals to make from the above items:

  • 1 4oz piece of chicken, sweet potatoes on the side, with some mixed veggies to complete your meal and even some drizzled chipotle sauce to make it yours!
  • OR maybe you're in the mood for some burgers but it’s too cold outside to cook the patties? Order Trifecta beef patties and all you’ll need is your favorite burger toppings and sauces.
  • Maybe you're a salad kind of gal/guy and you’d rather not spend an hour cooking chicken to just enjoy it on a salad that takes less than a couple minutes to throw together. Take back your well-deserved break time and let the salad make itself with pre-cooked, delicious chicken on the go.

All of our a la carte items are prepared with minimal seasoning, making them the perfect fit for staying on track with your macros while forgetting you're even on a "diet." And don’t be afraid to make it your own! Though many people like their food clean and simple, that can get boring for others. Adding some of your favorite herbs, spices and even sauces keeps it interesting and delicious.

Click below for even more ways to spice up your meal prep when you’re ready for something new!


Easy Meals Using A La Carte

Not in the mood for a basic protein, veggie and carb meal? Change it up and follow one of our simple recipes using some delicious a la carte items you chose, such as:

The best thing about a la carte items is that you can get everything that you want and none of what you don’t. Pick your favorites, whether that’s a combo of everything or simply just proteins that would otherwise take most of the day to cook for the week.

Wondering what kind of results you get after sticking to a macro diet on a la carte? Check out our article HERE on what to expect from your A La Carte delivery! 

If you're one of the many people who enjoys cooking instead of getting meals delivered where someone else decides the menu, but you also want it to feel a little easier or take less time some days, a la carte might be your new holy grail!

2. Perfect Your Portion Control 

If you’re finding that every week is just too much food for what a single person needs, consider changing your order to every other week.

How about too busy to eat the meals? No worries! If you can’t make your way to finish everything in your fridge, freeze those bad boys and enjoy them within the next 6 months. 

Our meal plans are ready to reheat and there is no cooking required, making them a great back up option when you've run out food and you're doing everything you can to steer away from your favorite fast food joint.

Even though they taste best fresh, all Trifecta meals and a la carte items can last you up to 6 months if you freeze them.

Take it from Susan (one of our fabulous customers), who just doesn't need that much food on her current meal plan. She eats dinner with her family every night and prefers to use her meal delivery to cover her healthy lunches. 

After one week, she quickly finds that she doesn't need 15 to 20 meals or $119 worth of a la carte every single week. She has the option to switch to a meal plan, or she can just order every other week! Now Susan's meal prep stays on track for half the price, and no food waste. 

Or take it from Michael (another amazing Trifecta customer). A busy, young professional that relies on meal delivery to keep his nutrition on track. But he also gets invited to a lot of business dinners and lunches, as well as social events where he gets fed.

He does his best to stick to his meal delivery but often has leftover food at the end of the week. While everything that is left unopened will probably last him a total of 10 days, all the food he has cracked into is bound to go bad and get wasted! Instead of throwing it away, he decides to freeze options for next time.

Now if he ever runs out meal prep, he has extra on hand, keeping him away from that fast food joint down the block.  

Talk to one of our legendary customer success agents to get started on biweekly, every 3 weeks, or monthly today!

Pick a Plan

3. Stock Up on Lean Proteins

Protein is one of those things that no matter your expertise level can take a hefty chunk of time from your day to prepare. It can also be difficult to find the one that has the least amount of fat, and no antibiotics or hormones.

100% of our proteins are humanely raised (Level 5 Certified), as well grass-fed, free range or wild caught, making them nutrient dense and the highest quality proteins you can find on the market. 

Myth: Many people believe if you’re ordering from Trifecta, that all you should be eating is Trifecta.

Truth: Ordering from our A La Carte menu will allow you to still have the flexibility to create your own meals to your liking, yet without any of the cooking time required from store-bought proteins. Proteins come pre-cooked in 1lb or 2lb quantities and ready to get added in to your favorite dish, whether its with a side of your favorite seasonal veggies, carbs or tossed on a savory salad.

Instead of ordering proteins from your local grocery store, order ready-made proteins to take some time off your hands to enjoy with family or your furry friend(s).  There are always way to improve and make your life easier while still giving to your local farmers market. That’s why I like to order my favorite seasonal veggies from my local farmers market and some a la carte items from Trifecta! #bestofbothworlds

However, this is in the end YOUR meal-prep diet and we’re simply along for the ride to help you when you need a jump back on the wagon.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for some farmers market vibes and I’ll get my veggies from there. Then, I’ll order my preferred proteins for the week, say chicken, salmon and beef patties, and throw in my veggies I handpicked on Sunday.

A la carte is designed to fit perfectly into your life, for whatever you need. 

Are you ready to up your meal prep game and still be able to brag about how much you saved? 

Lets do this!  


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