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Brijesh Overcomes COVID-19 to Take 2nd Place in the TrifectaME Challenge

Brijesh overcomes COVID-19 to take second place in the 90 day challenge before and after photos

Brijesh battled back from COVID-19 and turned around an epic transformation just 90 days later. We talked to him about his advice to others participating in our current TrifectaME 90 Day Challenge.

Meet Brijesh

Brijesh is a businessman and designer launching his own collection of athletic apparel. When Brijesh began his career, he found out that grinding doesn’t burn calories and within four years was at a turning point. After spending a month sick with COVID-19, Brijesh bounced back with the TrifectaME 90 Day Challenge to take back his health and fitness.

Today he’s healthy, hustling and the Runner Up Champion of our Spring TrifectaME Challenge.

"I fell off for like four years. Back until 2016 I used to work out, eat right. I was always around 145, 150 pounds.

"When I started working I didn't train as much, my eating habits got worse and I reached 180 by the end of March of this year."

Starting from Scratch

Over thirty pounds above his target weight, Brijesh was ready for a change. Then when the coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world changed. Brijesh himself was infected.

"I was pretty sick all of April and that made me lose like ten pounds, obviously not good weight loss. I had no appetite, couldn’t work out and I felt like everything I lost was muscle. It was a rough month. Then I saw your challenge."

Brijesh was always a skilled trainer and knew he could pick it back up easily. When it came to his nutrition though, he needed professionals.

"I was looking for a meal prep service and I hear about you guys all the time, all the athletes use Trifecta Nutrition and I see you all over Instagram.

"I saw the challenge and the grand prize was free food for a year. So I said I might as well do it!"

Challenge Accepted

Brijesh signed up for the challenge and began using the Trifecta app. By accepting a commitment for 90 days, Brijesh began practicing habits that would last him well beyond the challenge.

"The app was perfect. It holds you accountable every single day. I'd never counted calories on an app, so logging my food kept me on track. It made a big difference.

"I would watch what I ate because you have to plug everything in."

"In the beginning, some days were 4,500 to 5,000 calories and some days I would drop to 1200 or below. I was surprised. Towards the end I was able to keep it just under 1,200 calories. I didn't think I was able to do that because I’m used to eating a lot."

By logging his macros after each meal Brijesh was able to see how his meals were stacking up and that portions weren’t telling the whole story.

“Just seeing my macros on the chart every day and trying to hit the target made a big difference. I found myself trying to eat more protein sources and fats rather than just carbing up all the time.

Making it Fun

Whether it's diets, workouts or mobile apps, we're more likely to stick to something that's fun. By gamifying small tasks to keep you on track, Brijesh was encouraged to follow through. Our points system also allowed Brijesh to compete with his friends, motivating each other to keep pushing.

"I’d never used an app like that. I tried apps in the past like MyFitnessPal but I didn't like them. This one is fun. With the point system, logging food, wanting to win, just staying on track and keeping a streak going, it was fun.

"I had fun with it so I stuck with it."

"I had a few of my friends doing it with me, a little friendly competition. Having them there eating clean, working out, it pushes you.

Lessons Learned

What’s the hardest part?

"The weekend, for sure."

"Obviously you've got to live life. You've got family, friends are visiting, going out. If you're not in control your diet, then it's hard."

For Brijesh, discipline is about balance. Factoring in appropriate leisure days and treat meals meant he wasn’t playing catchup for them the rest of the week.

"Instead of trying to stay strict seven days a week, I changed it to: work hard Monday to Friday and then Saturday just let loose, be with your family, sit back and relax, take a day off.

"But then Sunday, try to plan for the upcoming week."

The Power of Routine

Are you participating in our current TrifectaME challenge? Brijesh says to stick to a routine and let the app support your journey.

"Stick with the app. You're held accountable for everything you plug in. There's your water intake, your calories, your picture, how you’re feeling, how you sleep, all those things. That keeps you on track.

"Every morning I woke up, the first thing on my mind is: let's plug everything in, even if you ate something bad, you plug it in you'll see how bad it was, how many cars that had or how high calories were for that item.

"Just opening that up every day, seeing a workout, logging all my food, it becomes a routine and routine turns into a lifestyle."

"You'll have a better idea of like what you're eating so you make healthier choices."

Keeping the Momentum

Brijesh killed it in the challenge but he's not falling back to his old ways. The habits and choices he's made over the past 90 days aren't going anywhere.

"Before this challenge if I missed one day, I’d say, “Oh it’s ok, i’ll just let the whole week go to waste. I'll just pick up next week and start again on Monday."

"Next week turned into next month and next month...I wasted four years like that."

"I look at it as eating healthy is my lifestyle now. When you do something for 90 days straight, that turns into a lifestyle. Eating healthy just becomes a habit."

If you're looking to turn healthy habits into a lifestyle, download the Trifecta app and start tracking your macros, with fun daily inspiration, today.

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