Low Carb Meal Delivery

Delicious, premade low carb meals delivered weekly.

low carb meal delivery

Hit the easy button on your low carb lifestyle. 

low carb diet delivery

Finally a low carb diet you can stick to.

No cooking required.

Grab the benefits of a high protein low carb diet without the hassles of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking just to hit your macro goals. 

We’ve got the industry’s best chefs to ensure each meal is carb controlled and delicious. Our team specializes in culinary nutrition, providing science backed meal delivery that is tasty and designed to help you reach your diet and lifestyle goals.

How Trifecta low carb meal delivery works.


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Pick your low carb meal plan.

Choose between our low carb keto and paleo meal plans or meal prep your own low carb menu.

keto meal delivery

Keto Meal Plan

(Ultra low carb)

Cut carbs as low as possible with our savory and satisfying keto menu. Loaded with healthy fats, quality proteins, and non-starchy veggies.  

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paleo meal delivery low carb diet

Paleo Meal Plan

(Low carb)

Enjoy a high protein, low carb lifestyle with our grain-free paleo menu. Made with grass-fed proteins and organic veggies.

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Low Carb Meal Prep

(Build your own)

Have complete control of your carbs and macros by picking and choosing the meal prep ingredients you want each week.

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Why choose Trifecta?

Get the best low carb meal plans designed for nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. Period.

Low Carb

Our carb controlled meal plans cut out high carb foods like grains and added sugar by replacing them with high fiber, non-starchy veggies, healthy fats, and lean proteins to give you optimal nutrition in every dish. 

High Protein

Our recipes are packed with an average of 30 grams of protein in every meal, to help keep your hunger and cravings in check! We source only the best grass-fed, pasture-raised meat, and sustainably caught seafood. 

Perfectly Portioned

Decreasing your carb intake is only half the battle. We know transformations are the result of total nutrition control. That's why every low carb meal is built to provide the optimal balance of macronutrients and calorie control. 

Simple Ingredients

Skip the heavily processed low carb convenience foods made with "fake" sugar, artificial ingredients, and empty calories. Our low carb meals are made with healthy, whole foods and we use minimal oil, salt, and seasonings. 

Delivered Fresh

These aren't the frozen low carb diet meals you dread reheating. Our low carb recipes are prepared by a human and delivered fresh to your door each week in a refrigerated box. Each meal is vacuum-sealed to stay fresh for up to 10 days in your fridge! 

Science Backed

Our low carb menus are built by experts and backed by science to ensure your getting the nutrition your body needs to thrive and see results. It's like having your own dietitian and personal chef plan, cook, and deliver all your food to your home.

Personalized nutrition plans to get you results.

You've got goals. We've got the food and coaching you need to finally reach them.

Get custom calorie and macro goals, free daily workouts, and daily tracking with Trifecta's free app. It's the perfect match for your low carb meal plan and the equivalent of an RD and personal trainer in the plan of your hand.

When you order Trifecta, you'll also get a free 30-minute nutrition consult to get you off on the right track. We'll also send you daily coaching and motivation from our in-house dietitian. And if you need more support just reach out to our nutrition coaches any time via phone, email, or chat.

You can also check out our hundreds of free articles, nutrition calculators, and resources created by our team of experts when you join our Nutrition and Fitness Community. 

Connect with others who have the same goals as you in our Facebook Nutrition Group. It's a great place to get motivated, share your progress, ask questions, find low carb recipes and tips, and get support. 

trifecta nutrition tracking app

Low Carb Transformations

See how Trifecta customers have lost weight and improved their health!



"With the help of Trifecta meal delivery, the gym, and time, I have started to feel happy again.  For the first time since I lost my job in 2017, I started to feel legitimately happy again.  I have started to feel like myself again. I started to feel confident.




“I use Trifecta a la carte ingredients to meal prep my keto diet. Trifecta gives me easy access to high quality proteins. In the last three months on Trifecta I have lost over 30 pounds.”




"My relationship with diet now is it's just food now and I'm using it because I'll be more mindful of when I'm hungry and when I'm not, and not just eat it because it's there. Food needs to be my fuel, not my comfort.”




"I'm really happy with my lifestyle. I no longer have cravings like I used to and it feels good to eat clean meals. At age 61 to finally have a six pack - 50 some years in the making.


Crystal Milburn before and after weight loss


"I really enjoy the meals and love how easy and convenient they are to take on the go. All the meals are really close to my macros and the portions are perfect; I'm always satisfied after eating.”




"I spend less money than if I wasn’t ordering meals because I'm not eating out all time. And my blood sugar, within three days, just dropped. And to this day it stays pretty consistent.”


Calculate your daily carb goals!

Learn exactly how many grams of carbs you need each day to reach your goals using our simple carb calculator. 

Trifecta vs. The Competition

You could settle for any low carb meal delivery company, but why not get the best?


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