Jay Cutler

4x Mr. olympia
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Why Jay Cutler chooses Trifecta for all his nutrition needs

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Being a kid growing up on a farm I was taught from an early age the importance of nutrition. We raised all our own beef, chickens to hatch our eggs, and gardens full of vegetables.

I hired my first nutritionist within the first six months I began working out and was set up on a plan of well rounded calories in order to develop the best physique possible. I still believe food is 80% of what it takes to be a top level bodybuilder, never mind a four-time Mr. Olympia Champion. Having Trifecta in my arsenal, even being retired, has given me an edge to still carry a physique that rivals many of my younger peers. From Organic meats to the correct complex carbohydrates, I can still attack each week’s workouts and recover properly knowing I am ingesting the best of the best!!!

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Who is the real Jay Cutler

Jason Isaac "Jay" Cutler is a four-time Mr. Olympia winner. After starting his training journey as a senior in high school, personal trainer Marcos Rodriguez inspired him to enter bodybuilding. He went on to win consecutive Arnold Classic titles from 2002-2004. Cutler continued to build he name in the bodybuilding space by winning Mr. Olympia in 2006 and 2007. He became the third Mr. Olympia in history to win the title in non-consecutive years. Cutler has since focused on his business venture, Cutler Nutrition, which specializes in bodybuilding nutritional supplements, in addition to his social media presence.

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