Simple & Tasty Pesto Egg Sandwich

Julia Nunez
Julia Nunez

Enjoy this quick recipe in less than 15 minutes of prep time to fill your belly with a delicious egg sandwich. Loaded with protein and radish for a little kick. Enjoy it on the go, between breaks or before a workout to gain some energy!

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Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

Cook time: 1 min
Prep time: 10 min
Yield: 2
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Looking for a quick brunch to take on the go? This savory egg toast will have your tummy so thankful you made this snack!


  • 2 Trifecta Peeled Hard-Boiled egg (8 pack)
  • Thick slices of whole grain bread
  • Your favorite pesto sauce
  • Thinly sliced proscuitto
  • 1 radish thinly slices
  • Slice up some of your fav fruit (optional)


  1. Cut bread into thick slices.
  2. Cut into thin slices: prosciutto, radish, and egg.
  3. Spread pesto over bread.
  4. Add prosciutto, radish, then peeled hard-boiled egg slices.
  5. Enjoy with your favorite fruit or salad on the side.

Nutrition facts

serves 2
Calories Per Serving: 263
% Daily Value
52% Total Fat 30g
5% Cholesterol 18mg
2% Sodium 1014mg
24% Total Carbohydrate 33g
4% Sugars 4g
24% Protein 29g
0.3% Vitamin A
0.4% Vitamin C

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