How Timothy Lost 20 lbs in 3 Months

Timothy struggled with yo-yo dieting like many of us have. One cheat meal sometimes was enough to break his diet for the rest of the week. It wasn't until Timothy got structured and serious with his meal planning & workout schedule that he began to see changes. Learn more about how Trifecta help him lose over 20 pounds in just 3 months. 

"I used to be active military and I played college football, so just an overall athlete. I turned 33 in June, and within the last 3 years, I’ve noticed how my body has changed. The things that used to work for me don’t work for me anymore and I figured it had something to do with my diet so that’s why I decided to give Trifecta a shot.

Until I was 30, I could eat whatever I want so long as I was working out still and everything was good. Then I gained an extra 25lbs in two years and I realized my body was not adjusting to what I was doing. I work in sports media at Fox sports on the show Undisputed and that’s how I heard of Trifecta. Shannon Sharpe does sponsorship photos and I work with him every day and I figured I would try it out.

Before Trifecta, I wouldn’t eat much, I would eat maybe 1200 calories per day. I would do that 4 days a week and then go crazy and eat fast food, eating out, 6 days in a row. I also wasn’t drinking water at the time which I think made a huge difference once I got on Trifecta I told myself to drink a gallon a day.

I would eat like crap and then feel bad about myself and then tell myself when Monday comes I’ll do this right and I tried that for 2 years. I was bouncing back and forth between 225 and 229 for about two years and there would be times when all I cared about was the weight. When I would meet my goal and break 220, I was doing it in a very unhealthy way and I would gain it all back with a ‘diet’. 

Once I got Trifecta I didn’t really care about the weight anymore. I started to pay attention more to how my clothes felt on me. Even though I lost 20 pounds, I went from a Large to a Medium. Before I didn’t care about how I was going about it, but with Trifecta, I’ve kept the weight off and I’m focusing more on the long-term vs a short-term fix.

With Trifecta, it was just really easy for me to eat healthy 6 days a week and have a smaller cheat day on Sunday with something lighter. It was easy to sustain - I wasn’t able to do that before at all.

"I know I have my Trifecta meals in the fridge for me to eat the next day, ready to go so I don’t really have to think about it and that is a huge plus for me." - Timothy Gantner, West Hollywood, CA

I started Trifecta in mid-December, I weighed 229 pounds and in the end of the 90 Day Challenge in March, I was 209 pounds. I lost 20 pounds!

Once I really started to structure my meal planning, I made it work around my schedule. Once I put my sleep, workouts, and Trifecta plans together, everything just fell into place. So if it’s a Sunday for example (my cheat day), I can eat and not feel guilty. I know I have my Trifecta meals in the fridge for me to eat the next day, so I don’t really have to think about it and that is a huge plus for me.

Before, if I ate something bad on a Tuesday, I would just give up and tell myself that since I already gave in, the rest of the week isn’t going to matter so might as well eat what I want. I would wait until the end of the week and try again on Monday. Now, I can accept it, embrace it and know that this one cheat meal isn’t going to kill me because of the healthy meals I have for me to eat will get me back on track. 

Trifecta Classic Meals

For those 2 years when I wasn’t losing weight, it was an extremely unhealthy all-or-nothing approach and the moment I became more flexible with Trifecta it was easier for me to lose weight and stick to something.

I eat 2 Trifecta meals per day. I eat from their Classic Meal plan; so flat-iron steak, chicken tenders, and grilled chicken breasts with sides for 6 days. I would use these meals as my dinner and eat protein bars, fruit, and coffee in between.


The food itself is great. I really love the convenience factor of it all. I don’t have to worry about meal prepping and spending multiple hours on a Sunday before the week. It’s great to know that I have these healthy meals in my fridge for the whole week. It’s been the vehicle to gain momentum to lose weight and get me to where I want to be.

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Trifecta Tip 

For me personally, structure was the important thing to me. Eating and working out at the same time I think made the biggest difference. Before I used to eat dinner anytime between 8pm – 12pm and being consistent was tough but it was a really good stepping stone for me.

I always plan my day out on a notepad beforehand. Once I’m on my feet, I’m good to go. But a lot of the time, I just want to stay in bed. To prevent myself from staying in bed for longer than I should, I never place my phone near my bed. I always put it across the room and set the alarm. It forced me to stand up and so it made it is easier for me to start my day."

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