How Daulton Melted 25 lbs of Fat

Counting macros can help you stay healthy and achieve a better body composition, whether you're looking to lose fat or gain muscle. We know how hard it can be to count your macros and keep up with it, especially when you live a busy life  cooking, weighing the portions, then cleaning can be extremely time-consuming and tedious and that's why we're here to help!

Learn how Daulton used Meal Prep to easily track his macros and reach his goal of cutting down on body fat.

"My main goal was to cut down on body fat percentage and find an easier way, and that's where Trifecta came in. Just being able to go to the fridge and have clean, all natural food really helped my goal become a reality."— Daulton Beam, Alpine, TX.

Meet Daulton

Dalton Beam1

My wife and I own a fitness center and CrossFit gym in Alpine, TX. Fitness has always been a huge part of our lives and we found our love for CrossFit a few years back. We actually just had our son and he surprised us 2 months early, so he's currently at the NICU in Odessa.

Being the best dad and husband I can be is my main focus right nowwe ended up moving 2.5 hours away to be with our son and take care of him. I'm really looking forward to getting our little man out of the hospital and starting our lives in that route. 

Trying Something New

Every year, my wife and I go to the CrossFit Games and last year on the way home, she suggested that I start counting macros

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I've tried a few different meal delivery services in the past, but they all lost flavor so I wanted something new. Trifecta happened to sponsor an event that my wife was at, so that's how we first heard of the company. We checked out the menu online and the variety and quality of food looked amazing, so we decided to give it a try

I started ordering Trifecta Meal Prep and my favorites include sweet potatoes, hamburgers, turkey patties, and all that good stuff! Trifecta has been perfect for helping me hit my macros. 

Now, I recommend Trifecta to just about everyone. We live in a small town with about 6,000 people and our grocery store is absolutely horrible, so I always suggest Trifecta for more variety and even fresher food than our grocery store!

Reaching My Goal

We try to eat as close to Whole 30 as possible and keep all the processed food out for the most part, but it was getting difficult to constantly prep healthy meals. My main goal was to cut down on body fat percentage and find an easier way, and that's where Trifecta came in. 

Just being able to go to the fridge and have clean, all-natural food really helped my goal become a reality. My start weight was 211 lbs, then I did a cut with my macros and got down to 175 lbs. After a bulk phase, I now fluctuate between 185 to 190 lbs.

Daulton Beam

Before and after weight loss: Daulton's transformation from August 2017 to April 2018.

Staying on the Move 

We've been with Trifecta for about a year and a half and the experience has been amazing. If we ever travel or leave the house for a certain period of time, I always meal prep and it’s so easy with Trifecta because you have everything available. 

Trifecta really makes it that much more simple because you don’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning; you can weigh your meals so quickly and have 7 dishes ready to take with you in just a few minutes. 

It's been over 5 weeks since we moved to Odessa to be with our newborn and it was quick and easy to change the shipping address when we needed to. 

The deliveries have been so convenient because we don't have to stress about keeping up with our diet or eating healthy while our baby is in the NICU. Trifecta just makes the whole process really easy so you can always have some meals when you need them.

Healthy Living

Dalton Beam

July 4th this year, I’ll be 7 years sober of all alcohol and drugs in my life. I dedicated my life to Christ on that same day, and since then was when my wife and I opened the gym and focused on fitness and healthier living in general.

We try to live for other people and we focus more on that than on ourselves. Building people upbuilds us upthat's our mindset, so for the past 7 years, our doors have been open and we get to share so much of our faith and the overall wellness of life.  

A Tip for Others

Have the commitment to do it. Be the person that doesn’t have cheat meals all the time and just take the time to weigh your food and meal prep.

Just be willing to say no, and take your food to people’s houses if you have to! There's no shame in it. Consistency is the only thing that works.

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