Failing Upwards - The Fastest Way to Recover and Succeed

Greg Connolly
Greg Connolly

It’s Sunday evening and you’re confronted with the remains of your local grocery store after what can only be described as a raking of the “outside aisles”...or whatever other gem our nutrition mentors have offered up in gratuitous suggestion. Bags of voluminous veggies and seasonal fruits litter your countertops as you release the biggest “sigh” to date at the thought of weighing your proteins before you can throw them on the grill. 

You line your tupperware in 6 perfect rows, 3 meals deep, and marvel at the pearlescent mounds of white rice cradled next to 7 lightly seasoned asparagus spears, all playing second to your beloved chicken. 
This is the week. This is the week that catapults you into a series of triumphant weeks, right? 

The Daily Grind - Where Most People Fail

Food prep has been conquered for the week and maybe you made it through Monday on track and in phenomenal spirits, only to start your Tuesday morning off on a rough patch. All you can think about is having a tablespoon of your favorite peanut butter to numb the pain of adult life. Maybe one spoonful turns into two, which may send you into a full out peanut butter binge. 

Perhaps on Wednesday you’re still reeling from the sugars and fats from yesterday’s peanut butter infused counseling sesh, so you add a bit more creamer to your coffee in a soft justification that creamer is a better alternative to heaps of peanut butter.

Thursday and Friday are stellar days and then your best pals show up to your house with stuffed crust pizza on Saturday night. There's no way you are resisting that.

And, as predicted...we make it full circle back to yet another Sunday, and the internal dialogue becomes louder and might sound a little like this: 

"Dang. Last night’s pizza was solid and it really numbed the feelings of my crazy week at work. But, now that it's Sunday I should really get it together. This week will be perfect."

Regardless, whatever the scenario and whatever the foods, I implore you to look back on the week through a different lens and look forward to the weeks to come with honesty.

Be Honest With Yourself About Failure

You made it through another week happy, healthy and alive--fantastic! What was our objective with meal prepping in the first place? To achieve a certain level of success for the week--eat all the meals prepped with diligence and appreciation, because one week of success snowballs into two, three...six...eighteen...a lifetime of success.

But, you failed. 

3 good days and 3 not-so-good days makes for 50% passing, and that’s an F on any test. However, what’s the point of sugar-coating the truth? Failing is natural. All our heroes fail and fail often and both the growth experienced, as well as the lessons learned are invaluable to our end game and successes. 

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan

Listen. It’s okay to fail because you’re learning; we all are. Meal prepping and adhering to a schedule requires immense discipline--do yourself a favor and quit walking around like this new journey you’re embarking upon is as simple as drinking a glass of water when you’ve been walking the desert at high noon. We’re all embarking on journeys at different times, stages and seasons of our lives. The key is to fail forward. Learn and keep failing. Set small, daily benchmarks. Learn from the victories and even more from the failures, and seriously...admit your failures even when they’re difficult to confess.

I compare admitting to failures similar to viewing your bank account statement daily. You’ll never know how much money you can spend and what you’re truly working with unless you see it with immense and irrefutable clarity. Because after 10,000 attempts at the lightbulb, Thomas Edison finally got it right on attempt 10,001.

When you're working to not fail at meal prep, utilizing all the tools you have avaialble at your disposal is key, that is why we developed Trifecta. Having meals delivered to your door not only makes it so you're not eating your own cooking (which psychologically results in better adhearance for some reason), but it increases your probability of having fresh meals all week long and not having to cook twice, or eat frozen food. We've also released a smart phone app to help you track what you're eating, whether it's Trifecta or your own cooking.

Check out some meal plans, and make diet failure a thing of the past. 


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