Lost 20lb while vacationing

Colleen is an adventurous soul who finds joy in traveling, exploring new restaurants, savoring wine tastings, hiking through nature, watching movies, and immersing herself in live music. However, before discovering Trifecta, as she faced a common struggle many of us encounter – striking a balance between a vibrant social life and the aspiration for weight loss.

The fear of gaining weight while enjoying precious moments with friends and traveling with her husband felt like an overwhelming obstacle. Colleen understood that sustainable progress requires forming healthy habits, and she found the journey entirely worth it.

“I needed a healthy, gluten free prepared meal service so I could eat well while working long hours ...I've stuck with it because I enjoy the food - it tastes great and keeps me full! It also does all of the macro counting for me when I'm trying to lose weight, which is such a time saver and keeps me on track!”

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Setting her sights on getting back to her pre-covid weight, Colleen started her journey in January 2023. 

“ I've lost 20 and only have 11 more to go." 

Looking ahead, she plans to carry her learnings into her daily life, especially when dining out at restaurants.

"The best part is that during the last 6 months, I've gone on multiple trips with my husband (to the Philippines for 2 weeks, a week long stay in Napa Valley, attended a 3 day music festival, celebrated countless birthdays and events with my friends and family) and have been able to maintain the 20lb weight loss!”

Her mindset has undergone a significant shift, and she now finds herself making healthier choices naturally, even when faced with options she once considered indulgent.

“Trifecta has taught me how to combine my food for maintenance and what portion sizes work for my body. I look at things I used to order and they look so unhealthy to me now! My mindset has completely changed and that will be what sustains my progress.”