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The best prepared clean meal plan designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Period. Our science-backed, chef-curated recipes use only the highest quality organic produce, and humanely raised clean proteins for a whole food diet made simple. Get started today!

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Trifecta Clean Eating Meal Delivery Explained

Ready to Eat, Gluten Free Clean Meals

A clean eating diet is a perfect choice for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle with simple, nutrient-dense, macro-balanced meals. Our portion-perfect clean meals are fully prepared and delivered to you weekly for an effortless, delicious, whole food diet. 

Made with Whole Foods

Clean, healthy eating starts with whole foods and nutritious ingredients. Whole grains, tubers, legumes, fruits, and vegetables provide the maximum nutritional value promising the most out of each calorie. Combined with lean proteins, a clean diet gives you the foundation of success.

No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients

Our clean meals are 100% free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Our organic recipes are prepared with one thing in mind, your health, and satisfaction and we don’t cut corners or costs using ingredients that are unnecessary.

No Processed or Refined Ingredients

Clean up your diet and improve your nutrition by eliminating processed foods and refined sugars. Our clean prepared meals harness the power of nature to provide mouth-watering flavor and sustaining nutrition. Real food, really good.

Take our Clean Eating quiz!

Is Trifecta's clean diet delivery right for you? Take our 5 minute quiz and get matched with the perfect meal plan.

Take our Clean Eating quiz!

Is Trifecta's clean diet delivery right for you? Take our 5 minute quiz and get matched with the perfect meal plan

Meal plans built by experts and backed by science

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Locally Sourced Ingredients


All of our clean ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and direct from our partners, supporting farms and workers in our community and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Food

Organic ingredients are the cornerstones of our clean meals. Reach your full potential and weight loss goals with unrefined, ethical, and sustainable ingredients.

If your body is sensitive or intolerant to gluten, eliminating it from your diet can lead to serious health benefits and improved quality of life. All our meals are gluten free to accommodate the widest range of healthy diets.

Delicious meals start with great ingredients and we're proud of our entire supply chain. Our clean, whole food meals feature grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, and sustainably-caught seafood. 

The best clean eating proteins come from animals raised with care. We source protein from animals that are raised with ethical living conditions that meet the animals' needs, for example, cows are allowed to graze and not confined to a feedlot. 

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Our Delivery Service

Get healthy meals delivered to your door!

Clean Eating Made Easy

It's clean eating meal prep made easy. Pick how many clean meals you want each week and they'll arrive automatically, fully prepared every Friday or Saturday at the latest, in our custom refrigerated packaging. Our clean meals are portion perfect for your diet. Just heat and eat!

Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that our clean diet meals are the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious available, we'll refund up to seven meals of your first delivery (within 10 days of receipt) if you're not satisfied. You can cancel your subscription services at any time. We know we're the best and we want you to know it too.

A Message on Our Packaging

Caring about our health includes the health of the planet and we are constantly striving toward total sustainability. Currently all of our packaging is FDA certified food safe and 100% recyclable. Our goal as a company is to reach 100% biodegradability on all of our packaging within the next 24 months.

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Organic Ingredients

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Heres what our customers are saying about Trifecta.

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Aleksandr T

I've been using this service for about a month or so now. I'm currently on their clean meal plan, and the variety of flavors and quality are really awesome. Prior to Trifecta, I was with another company that gave huge portions of almost no flavor, whereas now the portions are perfect and I am now hitting my macros fairly consistently, and have dropped about 12 pounds in the time I started using Trifecta. I started with 5 days a week and have since upgraded to 7 days as I don't really feel I need "cheat" meals due to the flavors and variety I am getting. I would definitely encourage anyone looking to control their food to look at Trifecta and the different plans they offer. It's well worth it.

review icon

John B

Really great meal prep service! During my subscription I asked to change my preferences a few times, (Ex. no fish, frequency, etc) and their customer service was excellent every time I needed them. Would highly recommend it if you are in need of fresh prepared meals delivered weekly!

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Leah B

Trifecta changed my life! I have been looking for a healthy meal delivery service and Trifecta has been fantastic. I have a busy job and go to school full time, so I do not have time to cook, but want to have a healthy diet. Trifecta's website is user-friendly and customer service is exceptional. The food is fresh and delicious! LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Trifecta!!!

Still have questions?

Clean eating is a popular lifestyle approach that emphasizes nutritious, whole foods while minimizing the intake of processed foods and ingredients. Although, because this term is loosely defined, the definition can vary widely depending on whom you ask.

At the strictest level, clean eating would allow for only organic foods, free from any artificial ingredients and preservatives, and no packaged foods - commonly referred to as” natural foods” or “real foods” you would find in nature, not in a box on a shelf. This would include plenty of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Learn more about the basics of clean eating, here.

Increasing your intake of nutritious whole foods while cutting back on processed foods high in added sugars, trans fats, and empty calories can help improve your nutrition intake.

Many people may also find that they lose weight on a clean eating diet because they have cut back on a lot of empty calories from sugar-sweetened beverages, packaged snack foods, and desserts. Additionally, their increased intake of essential micronutrients, fiber, and balanced macros, can support improved mood, energy, and appetite, all of which can make cutting calories feel easier.

Regardless, it is impossible to lose weight on a clean diet without portion control. Eating whole foods alone won’t result in weight loss unless you are eating fewer calories than you burn every day.

Foods that don’t meet the standard for a clean diet are not necessarily “dirty” or harmful to consume.

Research has not yet found that the nature of a food being artificial in of itself makes the food unhealthy. For example, some healthy protein bars include artificial ingredients but can be healthy for us if they are nutrient-dense options. However a majority of artificial ingredients and highly processed foods have unhealthy properties - they are often very high in calories, saturated fats, and added sugar without providing much nutritional value. Too much added sugar and fat can have a serious impact on your diet and certain health conditions when consumed in excess.

And while some processed foods can provide good nutrition, a growing body of evidence continues to suggest that the quality of your food choices is an important factor in overall health, longevity, and weight loss.

Use the following suggested guidelines to help you identify which healthy foods would fit into your clean eating diet:

  • Eat foods your great great grandmother would recognize.
  • Eat more whole foods from nature.
  • Eat minimally processed foods with little to no ingredients.
  • If there is an ingredients list, aim to stick to ingredients you recognize as food.
  • Pay attention to the food's nutrition label and look for nutritious options that fit your diet. 

To learn more about what foods to eat on a clean diet, look here.
Here are some of the top foods to limit in your clean diet:

  • Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame, Neotame, Saccharin, Sucralose, Xylitol, Erythritol
  • Refined Sugars: Brown sugar, Table Sugar, Corn Syrup
  • Processed Meats: Hot Dogs, Spam
  • Packaged Foods and Snacks
  • Candy
  • Chips
  • Soda
  • Alcohol

To see our top customer FAQs visit our FAQ page, here.

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