How To Meal Prep Weekly

Elizabeth Connolly
Elizabeth Connolly

With limited hours in a day, we constantly make choices on how to spend our time. Sadly, the trend is to sacrifice time spent on personal health for personal pleasure. You wouldn't believe how many times we hear someone claim they don’t have time to exercise or eat right. They’re just too busy.

We are never too busy to take care of ourselves. You choose to spend that time elsewhere. With this one body, we should all spend our time on making sure it’s healthy. So why not take a little time each day or even each week to show our bodies the proper care? The simple act of meal planning has the ability to jumpstart your well-being. Don’t believe us? Let’s start by looking at the pitfalls of eating on the run.

Downfalls of Eating on the Run

1. Limited Options

When we don’t plan, we are left with the limited options around us. Most of the food establishments that cater to our fast paced lives are more concerned with getting us addicted to their food than delivering a healthy meal. So with these options, finding a healthy meal is difficult. 


2. No Portion Control

While you may get to select the size of the meal you order, you are restricted to the sizes offered. And let’s be honest, most American restaurants serve between 150-200% of what is actually needed. Small, medium, and large should be called, just right, too much, and oh boy. Yet, it’s engrained in our minds to get our money’s worth, so we usually choose the option that gets the most food for the least amount of money.

3. Grazing

This is the act of eating throughout the day. There are many health benefits to this when done correctly, but grazing that happens when we eat on the run is dangerous. With pre-packaged sizes, we may only plan to eat half a bag of chips and end up eating the whole thing. Because it’s there, because we were focusing on something else, because we can’t stop ourselves.

Mindlessly snacking throughout the day can easily create a caloric surplus. Take into account a bag of Pretzel Crisps: A serving size of these are 11 crackers for 100 calories. Now think about how often you would actually only eat 11 crackers. If you've ever accidentally polished off a bag of these throughout the day, you've consumed 700 calories in just pretzels, which is grazing can be such a downfall for many. 

Now, consider that these three reasons only account for some of the many downfalls of eating on the run, it can be easy to see why meal prepping is so beneficial. Here's a few hacks we've found to make meal prepping as easy as possible, really. 


Hacking Your Meal Prep

1. Spice up your food

Having several spices and sauce recipes on hand for meals, may work in your favor! Use salt-free seasonings (found at any grocery store), because you can always add in the salt on your own– controlling the amount. Regular seasonings typically have a lot of sodium, and that is something to avoid. You can also mix spices together to create your own seasoning. Creating homemade sauces (or finding health-ified versions of them at the store) is another great option to take your food to another level. You want to look forward to eating your meals, instead of dreading it.

2. Cook in bulk

If you cook your protein, carbs and veggies in bulk, you can create several meals from one cooking session. It may take a longer amount of time, but then you won't have to cook until you eat all of them. If you want to do a large session and cook ahead, even weeks in advance, food freezes great in tupperwares. When you are ready to eat it, defrost it in the refrigerator the night before. Convenience is huge, especially when your life is busy with other things going on. 

3. Modify your favorite foods

There are so many delicious dishes that you can make into a healthier alternative. For example, if you absolutely love spaghetti and meatballs. You can create a macro-friendly version with quinoa pasta, reduced-sugar marinara sauce and homemade turkey meatballs. If you research ways to cut down the not-so-clean ingredients, you have the potential to create a recipe that reminds you of the dish you are craving. If you truly enjoy what you are eating, you will be more likely to stick with it. So don't cut out everything you enjoy, learn how to modify it! 


4. Use a meal delivery service (duh!)

Now, who would we be to write an article about meal prepping and not include a meal prep service like Trifecta! For so many reasons, meal delivery services are on the rise and the most notable is because it saves you so much stress. Of course, eating healthy is extremely important- we wouldn't be here if we didn't truly believe that. However, making sure your life is not being thrown off balance in the process is just as important. You should not be sacraficing your time with your family, or friends, to be stressing out about meal prepping. In fact, the stress levels associated with dieting is one of the many reasons people do not stick with it in the first place. Meal delivery services, such as Trifecta, take away all of that stress by providing you with premium, tasty, and most importantly healthy meals each week. Meal delivery services truly take the thinking out of dieting, which for most- is a breath of fresh air in just the thought. 


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