Workout Recovery: Injury And Off Days

Elizabeth Connolly
Elizabeth Connolly

"Tomorrow is another day, and you can restart then"

With many fitness routines telling you to push yourself harder, faster, and longer, it is easy to forget that you also need to give yourself a break. Our bodies are dynamic and feed off of not just the food but the emotions we supply it. In other words, a stressful day can make you feel just as sluggish as a greasy burger. Giving yourself a breather can recharge your attitude and get your head back in the game, especially in these situations:


This couldn’t be truer when you are first starting out. All of a sudden, you are asking your body to do things is hasn’t done is awhile or ever before. It’s understandable if you need to take more breaks in-between sets and workouts.

One of the most prevalent pitfalls of beginners is assuming too much of themselves. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, especially at gyms. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere and that not everyone’s starting points are the same. By understanding that your situation is unique to you and allowing yourself a little breathing space, you’re more likely keep with your fitness routine. 


Just like when you have an amazing day where you feel you can outperform all your previous bests, you can have a subpar day where you feel like you can’t even meet your standards. This doesn’t mean you are backsliding; your body’s performance naturally fluctuates. Instead of beating yourself up mentally, give yourself a free pass on these days and watch as your positive attitude launches you into a better workout tomorrow.


 Injured Days

We’ve all been there when you are just crushing your workout routine and something gives, and it’s like you can feel your fitness slipping away while you recover. Remember that your body will bounce back faster if you give it the rest it needs than if you try to push through an injury.

Try working a different area of your body or a modified exercise routine. It will prevent you from feeling idle while allowing your injury to heal.



The word is the exact definition of giving yourself a break. While this is where a lot of people struggle to maintain their fitness during vacations, it doesn’t have to mean loafing and binge eating the whole time.

Instead, a vacation can be a relaxed look on your fitness routine and diet. Staying active can mean a hike, walk in the park, or touring a museum instead of your regular routine. Use the vacation as an opportunity to enrich your routine with new activities. You’ll feel more relaxed at the end of your vacation if you don’t abandon your health entirely, but do allow yourself a breather.

So, give yourself a break if today wasn’t great. Tomorrow is another day, and you can restart then.

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