7 Features of The Most Popular Functional Fitness App  

If your new to using the Trifecta app, or just aren't spending every waking minute figuring out all of the features it has to offer, I'm sure you may have a question or two about what exactly the app has to offer. Instead of having to figure it out on your own, we decided to create a guide of some of the top features the app has to offer that you probably didn't know about.  

1. Create Meals

Convenience is certainly important to us here at Trifecta and we know that tracking your macros might not be the most convenient thing in the world to do. I mean, having to search and list out every single item you had for lunch today, especially when it was the same lunch you had yesterday, is not the best use of your time. So, naturally, we simplified that process and added in the option for users to create "Meals." This way, if you are a creature of habit, you can easily add in your meals and track your macros in the most simple way possible.

2. Track Your Daily Progress With Photos 

One of the more fun, but yet extremely practical features on the Trifecta app is the progress photo tracker! If you have ever wanted to keep a record of what you looked like at a certain weight so that you can manage and track your progress...now you can! We understand that the number on the scale isn't always the most accurate measure of progress, which is why we added this feature.

progress photos app-1

3. Daily and Weekly Summary

For those who prefer a complete overview of their day of eating, the daily summary is the perfect way to end your day. The daily summary comes complete with graphs and charts to help you visualize your daily summary. Not only do you get a complete breakdown of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you also get a complete breakdown of your macronutrients and micronutrients. To view this click the "Daily Summary" button at the bottom of your daily nutrition log.


4. Time & Track Your Daily Workouts 

You may be familiar with the daily workouts and perhaps even the movement videos. Did you know you can actually time and log your daily workouts? Using the timer feature at the top of the workout (in the sidebar on the right) you can time and count your reps simply by touching the screen. You can even link up Spotify or Apple Music to play your favorite songs without interupting your workout! After you complete the workout you can then "Log it." The logging feature allows you to enter the complete stats on the workout including the option of adding a "Whiteboard Photo." 

 phone app fitness timer

5. Create a Custom Feed 

If you have logged into the Trifecta app you have probably seen the Home screen filled with videos, articles, recipes, and news feeds. You can actually customize this feed in the settings section under "Configuration" and tab "My Feeds." Here you will see different categories such as Nutrition, Strength, and Mobility. From these categories you can select different feeds such as "Nom Nom Paleo" which features tons of yummy paleo recipes. Then, add them to your Home feed and enjoy a daily updated feed full of your favorite content. 

6. Kilograms to Pounds Converter

You can finally stop Google searching weight conversions and just pull out the Trifecta app for quick conversions. In the settings section under "Tools" you will see a button that says "Kilo Converter" where all you have to do is type in a weight in either pound or kilograms and convert. Definitely easier than doing the math yourself.

7. Help Design the App Yourself 

We built this app for you! Which means we care deeply about what you have to say and what features you want to see in the updates. In the settings section under "Configuration" you will see a tab that says "Request Features." Here you can create an idea that will then be posted on the feed. You can also vote for features you would like to see in the updates that have been posted by other users. Like we said, this app is for you! Add in all of the features you would like to see in the future updates of the Trifecta app and stick around to see your ideas come to life! 

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