CrossFit Open 18.5 Workout 2018 Tips, Tricks, and Strategies featuring Brooke Ence

The end of the open is finally here. 18.1 kicked off the open with a tough 20 minutes AMRAP. 18.2 brought another challenge with the ascending couplet and 1-rep max clean. 18.3 brought a grueling double under workout that really brought out the fittest of the fit. And, 18.4 was a brutal combination of deadlifts and handstands for 9 minutes. I'm sure it's safe to say we are all excited to finish this open season. So with that being said, we asked Brooke Ence once again, for her tips and strategies for surviving the final week of the open.   

Warm-Up for 18.5

Brooke wanted to give an ideal warm-up for before this workout. Brooke mentioned how important it is to get a proper warm-up in before this workout. Brooke recommends focusing on your ankles, knees, front rack position, your overhead position, and shoulders. She recommends warming up your front rack position if you tend to be really tight on that. She also says its key to make sure you are hitting your depth in your squats and locking out your arms overhead. Brooke says an ideal warm up would be to do things like sprints on the assault bike or rower (something to get your heart rate up) and then to take about 2-3 minutes to fully recover before you start the workout. 

Tip #1

Brooke's first is for gear you may want to use during the workout. Brooke mentions wearing knee sleeves. For the knee sleeves she recommends wearing nothing "too tight" because this workout is fast and you wouldn't want to build up blood below or above your knees and get fatigued. Brooke also goes over grips for your hands. She mentions finding something that is comfortable for you if you are used to using grips already. If you do not use grips, she does not recommend adding those in for this workout. 

Tip #2

Brooke's next tip is to break up your reps early in this workout. She also recommends a few days before attempting the workout, to try a couple sets of thrusters and chest to bars pull ups to get an idea of where you are at. If you do have to break up your sets, it will be much better to break up your chest to bars rather than your thrusters, as the thrusters use much more time up in between sets.

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