Brooke Ence's Strategies & Tips for the CrossFit® Open 18.2 Workout

Last weeks workout kicked this open season off to a crazy start. Of course, we knew that knowing the history of the CrossFit open, and knowing Dave Catro's track record for coming up with the most insane workouts possible, this was only the beginning. Since the release of 18.2, it is already proving to be as crazy as we thought it would. So with that being said, we asked Brooke Ence once again, for her tips and strategies for surviving this week of the open.




Warm-Up for 18.2 

Brooke wanted to give an ideal warm-up for before this workout. Brooke mentioned getting on a rower before this workout begins, 400-600m. Then to do 3 sets (10 each side) of internal and external hip rotations, 3 sets (10 each side) of torso rotation and reach, 2 sets (5 each movement) of power cleans, front squats, and squat cleans. Lastly for the warm-up, Brooke added a 45-60 sec (each side) banded ankle stretch.

Tip #1

Brooke's first tip for the dumbbell squats portion of the workout is to keep front rack high, if you prefer that. However she mentioned there is also no standard for how you hold your hand on the dumbbell, so choose what is the most comfortable for you and whatever will take more stress off of your forearms. Brooke mentioned that the standards for a dumbbell squat is that the weights must start on your shoulders first and your hips and knees must be extended. Brooke also thought it was important to note that this is an ascending workout and it is important to prepare for it to get harder and harder as you go. 

Tip #2

Brooke's next tip is that during the burpees portion of the workout to remember the Rx standards you have to follow for it to count. These standards include that you have to jump out, in, and over the bar with both feet together, landing at the same time. Brooke also recommends that when you are jumping out of the burpee, try your best to be very 'snappy' to avoid fatigue. Make sure that when you jump down and are on your chest to really think about 'driving your hips to the ceiling and pushing with your hands' this should help keep your burpees from getting sluggish.

Tip #3

Brooke's last tip is for the one rep max clean at the end of the workout. Brooke mentioned that it is important that at the end you should choose a comfortable warm-up weight you know you can hit and immediately do it. She mentions to then add on weight slowly with your additional reps.

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