What is Casein Protein Powder? 5 Benefits You Didn't Know About

Elizabeth Connolly


Nutrition Tips

If you’re a fitness enthusiast that actively eats clean and trains hard, then you know how important supplementation is. Although supplements are not necessary for results, they definitely speed up the process. Most people consume whey intra or post workout, but that isn’t the only beneficial type of protein. Casein protein provides some significant benefits so we decided to compile a list of the top 5, which may convince you to incorporate it into your diet regimen.







Whey vs. Casein

Whey protein is fast digesting— which is why it is recommended to drink a protein shake directly after a workout. Your muscles are literally hungry for protein after a hard workout session, so it works out best during that time window. Casein is slow digesting, which means that when you consume it, it delivers amino acids in smaller amounts, but over a longer period of time than whey. Both proteins are great supplements, but have different purposes. Incorporate both into your lifestyle for optimal results from your workouts.



1. It is slow-digesting

Several diet plans recommend consuming Casein protein directly before bed, because it is slow digesting and provides a steady flow of amino acids while you are sleeping, which will in turn help you build muscle… while you are sleeping (score!). You can consume whey before bed but it won’t have the same lasting effects as Casein because your body will absorb it much faster.


2. It promotes fat loss

It takes our bodies a lot of effort to digest Casein protein, which in turn burns calories and speeds up our metabolism. It also creates a feeling of satiety which is a huge plus, because we are less likely to overeat and indulge in junk food. On top of these factors, Casein is low in calories and has an extremely low level of fat.


3. It builds muscle, strength and reduces recovery times

You would think that going to the gym would make your muscles bigger instantly, but your body may not be able to do that without proper nutrition because they go hand-in-hand. It has been shown that supplementation can aid in muscle growth, and Casein is especially good at doing this. After a workout, muscle fiber is damaged. Our bodies utilizes protein and amino acids to build the muscle bigger & stronger than before, throughout a long period of constant nutrient release.


4. It promotes dental health

Like other dairy sources, Casein may improve your dental health. Studies have shown that it has the potential to strengthen tooth enamel against acid erosion and damage with its calcium, phosphate and hydroxide content [1].


5. It can be consumed in several different ways

If you’re looking for a quick dose of Casein, you can mix it with milk or water as a shake. If you aren’t a fan of shakes, you can bake Casein into several different things, such as bars, muffins, cookies, etc. for a healthy treat before bed. You can make “healthy” versions of your favorite foods that will serve as a large protein release, pushing you that much closer to your fitness goals.


Dr. Mike Israetel of the RP Diet shares his knowledge regarding Casein


To learn about another important protein supplement, check out our Ultimate Guide To Whey Protein!



1. Casein phosphopeptides in oral health--chemistry and clinical applications.



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