3 Reasons To Go Nuts for Trifecta Almond Snacks

Your favorite Trifecta snacks just got more sustainable. Our Lemon Chili & Cinnamon Maple Almonds now come in 100% compostable packaging! This brings us one step closer to our goal of achieving 100% biodegradability and you a snack option that's healthy for you and the planet! 

Introducing our newest eco-friendly addition

Here at Trifecta, we care not only about your health but also the health of our community and our planet. We focus on utilizing organic and sustainable ingredients as much as possible and bring that intentionality to our packaging as well. 

We have worked extremely hard to provide green packaging to our customers. The ClimaCell® panels in your delivery are not only curbside recyclable but also biodegradable. And now we get to expand that philosophy into our snacks! 

Why are we so excited to share the news about our new almond snack packaging? We’ll break it down for you:

  • Our new packaging is 100% biodegradable, so it won’t leave a trace 
  • The compostable material is certified non-toxic  
  • Our packaging can be composted at home or an industrial facility 
  • We’re one step closer to our goal of 100% biodegradability in all of our packaging 

Our approach is to allow more people to be able to experience the power of consistently eating well, while treading as lightly on the environment as possible.

3 Reasons To Eat More Almonds

Our Lemon Chili & Cinnamon Maple Almonds are a great treat on-the-go, after a tough workout, or as an evening snack, but why almonds? There's a list of good things to say about snacking on a handful of crunchy, salty, and sweet almonds!

1. Almonds are a nutrient-dense whole-food

Almonds are a low-carb staple food, but they also tend to make the list for best foods for weight loss and overall health due to their nutrient density.

They are the highest-fiber nut, and also provide plenty of vitamin E, magnesium, protein, and unsaturated heart-healthy fats

You can enjoy them plain, raw, roasted, or salted! Or grab one of your favorite flavor varieties from the store—just keep an eye on carb counts on the nutrition facts label, as some seasonings include sweeteners. 

One handful (1-ounce) of salted almonds has (1):

  • 164 calories
  • 14 grams of fat
  • 6 grams of carbs
  • 6 grams of protein

Although almonds are nutrient-dense, they also can be high in phytic acid.

Phytic acid is a major storage form of phosphorous in cereal grains, legumes, and certain seeds and nuts; when they sprout the phosphorous is released to help the juvenile plant grow (2). In our bodies, phytic acid can impair the absorption of certain minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium; but this is only a momentary occurrence and does not impact our overall nutrient absorption throughout the day. 

Moral of the story—when consuming a handful of nuts in between meals you absorb a little bit less of the nutrients they claim to have because of their phytic acid concentration, but this won't necessarily impact your nutrient absorption during other meal times. Concerns over mineral deficiencies from eating too many high phytate foods rare, as long as you follow a well-balanced diet. 

2. Almonds are high in antioxidants, especially vitamin E

Just one ounce of almonds contains almost 45% of the daily value for vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that has been well-researched for its antioxidant properties (3).

Antioxidants protect our cells from free radicals, stable atoms that can cause oxidation and damage to our bodies when left unchecked (4).  

Vitamin E is also involved in supporting our immune function, cell signaling, cell-membrane health, and more! Research suggests that vitamin E is an important dietary and supplemental component in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and heart disease (5). 

3. Almonds have satiating properties to help control hunger

Nuts are a great low-carb and balanced protein and fat snack, making them the perfect choice for anyone struggling with blood sugar control and unwanted snacking. 

Eating whole-foods rich in protein and fiber has been shown to help increase our feelings of satiation and fullness, leading to a reduction in overall calorie intake (6,7). 

This makes them a great addition to any weight loss strategy or a way to manage snacking on processed carbs or foods that lead to unwanted weight gain. 

Even though they are high in calories, you can enjoy a small amount of almonds and still get that feeling of fullness. 

Healthy Snacking Resources 

Let's be real, snacking is a completely normal part of any meal plan, but what you choose to fill in those moments between meals can make or break your overall health goals. We've got plenty of resources (and almonds!) to help you plan smart when it comes to snacking and nourishing your body with nutrient-dense foods! 

Let us satisfy all your snacking needs, and then some. We've got macro-balanced meals designed specifically for results.

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